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I have never been a big fan of makeup.  I have always been about the ‘less is more’ in that department.  I have naturally good skin, so have never had to use it to cover anything up, except my slightly red neck.  But I have come to realize more and more lately, that I can’t really continue with my slap of foundation, and a swipe of lip-gloss policy for much longer. Something most definitely starts to happen with you whizz past 35.  Before then, your skin is (generally) great – with even tone and supple to boot.  Then that starts to change.  By the time you are in your mid 40s, what you did in terms of makeup at 20, really doesn’t apply any more.  You really pretty much have to wear make up.  I find that hilarious – as I watch all the 15 -16 year old plastering it on (luckily not my Daughter – she seems to be allergic to the whole concept) when they really don’t need it at all.  And at the time when we really should be using it carefully and with some wisdom, we have either given up altogether or have listened to the wrong people for advice.  Well then, here is all the advice you will need in one book. Rae Morris is a 40 year old make up artist from Australia who has worked with lots of amazing people – but basically you just have to look at the photographs in her book and read what she writes to know she is down to earth and nothing if not practical. The book is brimming with fabulous pieces of advice – my favourite being to find someone close to your own age at the make up counter.  Ask THEM for advice – not the girl barely out of her teens.  At my local M.A.C. counter , they have a fabulous older woman – and she is definitely the person I would ask for advice.

I have only recently discovered the joys of applying makeup with a brush.  Before this is was just poured onto my fingers and slapped onto my face.  I never had enough time to do any more than this and was lucky to get out the door dressed most days. But at a M.A.C. seminar earlier this year they sold me on the concept as soon as they told me my makeup would last longer.  And it does.  It took me a few weeks to get the hang of it (practice was involved) but now I can do it like a pro (as it were…).

Back to the book then – there is a rather unpleasant chapter to kick things off about how we age (like I need reminding) – but it serves to explain why we need to do things differently.  With lots of great hints – no white eye makeup ever, making sure there are no eyebrows above your lips (I liked that description) and never do the outline of your lips in lip pencil – colour in the whole lip instead (it means the colour does wear away to leave you with the telltale outline).

With the following chapters on foundation, eyes, lips, and contouring – everything is covered.  The last section of the book is dedicated to an array of looks that could work on anyone with detailed instructions on how to achieve it.   My favourite tip has been keep lips and cheeks rosy and natural – that a rosy coloured lipstick is essential. She believes that just evening out your skin tone can make you look 10 years younger. I think most of us would be happy to just look our age – but in a classic, glamorous way. The women used in this book are a great range of ages – and the photographs are just glorious.

Rae Morris - Timeless MakeupRae Morris Timeless Makeup with photographs by Jason Capobianco is published by Unwin and Allen.  It is available now and is $49.  It is worth every cent

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  1. Thanks so much for this review – I have just ordered a copy. I love MAC makeup and are due for a new foundation and will be using the tip -“ask someone your age” – Thanks!

    • That is the tip I loved the most! Have been trying the eye make up from the book as well – and have changed my lipstick to a rose colour for day to day. Love it!

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