nzfw 2012 – taylor backstage

Before she showed at NZFW we got to ask Vicki Taylor a few questions about the collection, and got some backstage shots for you…

BB – What have been the things that have influenced you while putting this collection together?

My collections are designed on a desire to create a new feeling or silhouette rather than a physical item of inspiration. I approach the design process more like an artist where I take an idea and see where it leads; then we dress the body and see what is succesful and refine and move on from there.

This season I want to create strong long pillar like structures that become diffused where straight lines bend and curve around the body – a circle that is irregular and moves across the silhouette. I then take these through into my fabrications with textures, prints and patterning that include and involve these ideas.

BB – What has been your favorite part of the whole NZFW process?

Meeting and working with many talented people as it takes such a team effort behind the scenes to put on a show. I am hugely grateful to everyone who has helped us put the show together.

I also really enjoying the fittings. When you put your first outfit on a model with hair and makeup done from the makeup trial it is very exhilarating as you realise its real.

BB – Do you have a favorite piece in this collection?

The Verify Top… it is silk and will look amazing on the catwalk yet can be worn in many interesting ways.

BB – Who is the ‘Taylor’ woman?

 The Taylor woman is defined more by her style than a demographic. She likes to be subtly different while remaining sophistcated and understated. She is intelligent, creative and successful in her own ways. She cares about the environment and the good of New Zealand by embracing the fact we are 100% Designed and Manufactured in New Zealand.

Vicki Taylor (2nd from left) and her team backstage

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