nzfw 2012 – andrea moore

Andrea Moore’s was one of my most-anticipated shows in the lead-up to New Zealand Fashion Week and it did not disappoint. Inspired by mid-17th century riding habits (including paintings by Renaissance artist Uccello) and the thrill of the chase, Moore’s autumn/winter 2013 collection was aptly titled The Hunt.
With models stomping out onto the runway to the sound of horses galloping, and expertly styled high ponytails pulled up through military style hats to create, well, ponytails, it was certainly a striking collection.
One of the things I love most about Andrea Moore is her ability to create beautiful tailored pieces that have a sense of fun and quirkiness to them. The Hunt featured tailored pants and blazers, beautifully cut woollen coats, delicious silk blouses and lace dresses. Moore knows how to work to her client base and this collection was grounded on a foundation of Moore’s classic pieces in new colourways, including the Midnight trench, Lounging pant and Tree skinnies, but with plenty of new garments and styles to keep things interesting.
Moore’s bold use of red, orange, cobalt blue, emerald green and a large array of prints (including a gorgeous, exclusive running horse print) was refreshing in a winter collection, where dark colours often reign supreme. If anyone can convince this Wellingtonian to embrace a bit of colour, Andrea Moore is that person.
And if the expert tailoring and fit wasn’t enough, she set those details off with beautiful accents of possum fur and deer leather (including bags). Particular favourites included a cropped woollen coat with possum fur sleeves and a checked dress with a leather bodice. Though really, when it comes down to it, I’ll have one of everything please!

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