flotsam and jetsam – american junk

I have been looking forward to the arrival of this container for as long as I have known it was coming! I adore vintage/antiques as you well know – there is just something about the patina, the history, that I love.  I love that you can take an object that was useful and make it a piece of art, and I love that you can take something decorative and give it a whole new purpose. Cameron has such a great eye – so I was really looking forward to seeing what came out of the container.  I try to visit my Sister in San Francisco once a year if I can and her preference is mid-century collectables and antiques so I get Americana from that perspective when I am there, it is Cameron’s take on American Junk that is probably closer to my own design heart – even though they both share a fascination with diner culture.  I loved the glass cake stands and diner cups and saucers that Cameron found – they will be gone in a heartbeat!  What I like about what Cameron chooses is that they could fit in a more eclectic home (like mine) but also a more modern – like the grey Shaker bench with arms.  This could easily be (Cameron suggested) a place to put the tv and stacks of magazines in a stripped out space, or it could be a couch in a sunroom with lots of cushions – or a place for shoes in the hallway of a villa.  We heard fabulous stories about buyers from Ralph Lauren trying to compete with Cameron at the markets to get the same things.  They wanted them for shop fittings and for ideas for clothing collections – amazing how these things ended up in New Zealand for us to see. We loved the zinc food safe, and the masses of shoe racks from an old factory – one might have found its way home to live in my wardrobe and help make sense of all of my shoes…

Photography by Michelle Weir

vintage pie plates

shaker seat with authentic gym baskets

diner plates

new laundry baskets @$255

vintage glove molds

zinc food safe

vintage battery cases used as a vase



2 Comments on “flotsam and jetsam – american junk

  1. Great post Anya! I agree, Cameron has such an amazing eye for things and the American Junk container didn’t disappoint. Mel:) P.S. Love the Ralph Lauren story!!!

    • Thanks – I just love that what you find at F & J is so different every time you are there… I’m going back for some of those laundry baskets…

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