for our women

With October Breast Cancer Awareness – everyone needs to watch this most beautiful clip encouraging us to go out and get ourselves checked for the sake of the people in our lives who couldn’t live without us.  The track Not Given Lightly written by Chris Knox has been re-released sung by Don McGlashan, Hollie Smith , The Topp Twins, Chris Knox, Tim Finn, Brooke Fraser, Jon Toogood, and others. There is no way you will get through this clip without feeling a bit weepy.  It is just beautifully done. With the wonderful Helena McAlpine speaking at the start and then many celebrity faces we know and love with photos of the women in their lives who they want to remind to take care of themselves.  To live healthy lives, limit alcohol (one drink a day) and get themselves checked regularly. And to realize that from our 20’s we should be watching out and getting ourselves checked. Directed by Toa Fraser (No 2) and beautifully put together, it is part of a project at to get every woman to see the video – to share it on their Facebook pages so everyone gets the message.  Watch it here, then go share it on your Facebook page. Pass it on. The iTunes song is available here.

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