curio noir – feather my tears

I am sitting at my desk writing, and burning the new Feather My Tears candle from Curio Noir. Somehow the debris on my desk doesn’t look so bad, and the noise from the builders in the next room isn’t quite so loud with this gorgeous candle in front of me.There is much to be said for beautiful objects being a balm for the soul. That is the thing about Curio Noir.  The object itself is divine.  In this case the soft aqua blue hand-blown glass encasing the candle is an object itself worth coveting. Even before you use the candle, you know you will have a beautiful, hand-made object once you have finally finished burning the candle, to use with flowers and foliage. This is all as much down to the lovely Tiffany Jean, creator of Curio Noir.  A little bit of her is literally in each candle, as she hand-pours and wraps each one.

With the most wonderful sweet notes of lily and orchid mixed with cedar and moss, Feather My Tears captures both “softness and strength” of swan feathers. Based around the famed ballet Swan Lake, with the lake itself providing the inspiration for the colour, – and the water-y imagery of the short film by Andy Morton and also the packaging itself.

Hand-blown by artisans, one piece at a time – no two are alike.  With this run limited to just 50 candles – they are available from 12th October at Crane Brothers, Simon James Concept Store in The Department Store, Miss Crabb, Graeme Thomson Antique and Estate Jewellery, Incu Sydney and Melbourne and My Chameleon online Australia.


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