madz lovez – armageddon expo

Rules for Armageddon…

1/Get there EARLY to avoid the queues

2/Book your tickets on-line to avoid the queue (you can walk right up to the front of the line and go in the left hand queue)

3/ Dress UP!  It is all part of the fun

4/Saturday is always busy – go on Sunday and Monday is sometimes quieter

5/Have FUN!!!!

My brothers and I dressed to go – a Jawa, a Totoro, and a Doctor


Just about the best costume of the day – Loki from Marvel’s The Avengers


Sally and Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas which is one of my all time favourite films


I love how she has made this costume herself – a Dalek dress instead of a full Dalek costume!


My Brother, the Jawa


I just thought this Weeping Angel from Doctor Who was totally awesome!


From DC comics – Abin Sur (from The Green Lantern), Wonder Woman and The Green Lantern


Another very clever take on Dr Who – a Tardis Dress. Amazing.


If anyone can tell me who these characters are, I love it! They left before I could find out.


This girl had the most perfect hair to be Merida from Disneys Brave.


I can’t believe I found such a fabulous thing, a Tardis Teapot. I had to buy it. SOOO happy!



3 Comments on “madz lovez – armageddon expo

  1. Nice photos. I was impressed with people’s ingenuity towards their costumes, and bravery to rock them! I think next year I’ll suit up.

    • I love the costumes, they are pretty much my favourite part. I’m already thinking about my outfit (maybe Princess Mononoke) for next year! – Madz

  2. I worked at Armageddon a few years back, I was a PS3 girl.. I think it was PS3..!

    Anyway, I went into it thinking that it would be a really awful job, but I had the BEST THREE DAYS EVER. It was so fun! So entertaining! The people you meet and the costumes you see are just cray. People go all out, which is so rad to see 🙂

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