all things bright and beautiful #5

This is an image from a shoot I did for Homestyle magazine for their current issue.  I had loads of fun imagining an outdoor scene around my own pool using our bright pink wall as a starting point. I tried to keep the cost point down where I could – but I loved the outdoor cushions from the Warehouse at just @$24 each, and both the large outdoor cushions from Madder & Rouge $125 each and the yellow umbrella from $300 have both ended up staying at my house! The cape cod chairs were already mine, they just got a new paint job with Porters Seven Seas. The photographs were by the lovely Larnie Nicholson, and the other two stylists featured in the shoot were LeeAnn Yare from Collected (watch out for her soon coming to a TV near you) with neons and pastels and Alice Lines from Homestyle with an urban cosmopolitan outdoor setting…

I am, of course completely mad about cushions.  I have too many cushions, stools, and chairs in my own home but somehow I always seem to find more that I love.  This amazing cushion is from Children Of Vision in St Kevins Arcade. It retails for $205 and is by Bernhard Willhelm. I love the black and white print made entirely fabulous by the turquoise.  It would work well in a sleek minimal apartment, or a more eclectic space… UNFORTUNATELY they have sold out already. Bugger. In the time it took me to post this, they have sold out. You have to be quick when things are fabulous…

I of course live by the adage that you can never have too much colour. And I think one of the reasons I love enamel ware so much is the intensity of the colours often used.  I have a huge collection of orange vintage enamelware (which I don’t use because of the risk of leaching into food) as well as every other colour under the sun. I guess I also love the timeless sort of quality to it. Country Road have done a gorgeous Picnic Box which can of course be a picnic Box, but also a toy box, sewing box, storage box – its uses are pretty much limited by your imagination. And at only $64.90 it would make a great christmas present with its fire engine red exterior that you could fill with all sorts of clever things… it is 37cm long, 28cm wide and 17cm deep.

While I am talking about bright colour coated steel, the children were complaining the other day that our 150 year old house doesn’t look very ‘us’.  That the inside is a riot of colour, and yet the outside is an austere dull french grey.  I, of course never chose the colour, and we will eventually re-paint the outside one day when budget permits (a soft, warm white stone paint I imagine). The only hint you get is when you come to the front door and there is a crazy brightly colored wool door mat that seems to give some idea of what is inside. I found it interesting that this bothered the children – but then they are very ‘now’ and I know in my head where we are headed (maybe it will be done for next Christmas – who knows?). I think I have found the perfect thing to fix that small problem – the lack of quirky detail – and that is a beautiful new letter box. Catherine David Design has created these gorgeous letter boxes which remind me very much of the ones I had as a child (vintage inspired?), then coated in yellow and orange and blue  – with a pink knob to open the front to just brighten it up further.  I am sure I will love getting the mail when I have the yellow one with the pink knob to wander down toward to get my mail every day. Nice. Find them at



There is quite simply nothing I love more than fabric.  Bright fabric.  And if it is bright STRIPED fabric – well, for me at least, it is perfection.  It is a bit of an obsession.  And my most favorite place in the world to moon over striped fabrics is Madder and Rouge in Newmarket, Auckland.  They carry the divine Les Toiles du Soliel from France which have been made in the same factory for the last 150 years.  The colors range from bold and intense to subtle and soft.  I could just fill my entire house with them (well, I pretty much have)!  So when a new colored stripe arrives – it is cause for celebration.  So the new …… in it’s intense, and perfect shade of yellow with the hint of pink that Les Toiles du Soliel always seems to include in every variation of their stripe, it is just gorgeous. At 180cm wide and $150pm, you get an amazingly colored stripe which I find to be fairly robust! I decided that I was going to use it to re-vamp an old ironing board, which due to lack of cupboard space is going to be hanging on the wall in my laundry for the rest of its life. I decided if it was going to hang there, it needed to be beautiful… and it most certainly is! I needed 45cm to cover the board.  I wish I could say it was me that covered it – but it wasn’t it was my Mother…

Lastly today, I have the lovely people from Tribal to Tribal.  They travel the world looking for antiques and object of desire that you can’t just find anywhere.  They have showings several times a year that are invite only as a rule.  This weekend they have another in their home at 11F Joan St, Point Chevalier. They are open on friday from 12-8 and Sat and Sun from 10-6pm.  Please don’t visit outside these hours… for more information, or to go on their list, email Andrew  at








9 Comments on “all things bright and beautiful #5

  1. Anya I love that pink wall, how fabulous! What a great set up and I’m looking for a new letterbox so will pop over to Catherine David Design now – thank you! Mel

  2. We are rather fond of our pink wall as well… and the yellow letter box is definitely staying here now!

  3. I quite like how the wonderful world that is your house, isn’t apparent from the street. Maybe a little bright knit/crochet sculpture bombing by Madz would be a subtle and magical clue? xx

    • Now that I have the energy to look at the outside, I will have to start thinking about that! The letterbox is certainly going to be the first ‘subtle’ clue! And I have to try and get Madz to start another one of her projects too!

  4. hi anya…i love this! and i admired it in the magazine too! could you please tell me where you got the lovely green and white mat from?

    • Of course! It comes from Fulsun on Dominion Rd in the Mt Roskill shops in Auckland. It was just $19. Yep, really just $19… love it! I just leave it outside all the time.

  5. Hi! I saw your beautiful laundry room in homestyle magazine and have been searching the net for your lovely laundry sink! Do you mind sharing what make/model it is? So many laundry tubs are boxy and ugly but this is beautiful! Georgina 🙂

    • The company I got mine from are no longer importing them into New Zealand. I will get back to my supplier this week and see if they have anything else to replace it with. I am not hopeful as this one took me a long time to find!

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