all things bright and beautiful #6

Eeeek! Christmas! I just love this time of year! Aside from the fact that as an interior designer it is the craziest time of year when everyone wants everything finished in time for 25th December, which takes the shine off things somewhat, it is a time that really appeals to my sense of the theatrical. I have always loved ‘occasions’. I love Halloween (we had huge spiderwebs hanging from the black wall that surrounds our house this year), birthdays I can go a bit overboard and well Christmas is a bit like the Occasion Perfect Storm with me going into overdrive.  At least that was the case when the kids where little, but as I have two teenagers now, one grown up Step Daughter and a ten year old who thinks he runs the joint – it appears it isn’t all about me anymore.  The kids have created their own traditions – they put a new christmas Lego set together and then build the rest of the sets we have collected over the years.  So there is a Lego Christmas Village as our main Christmas decoration. And the tree.  Ah the tree.  No colour co-ordinated visual feast for us. I long ago realized I had lost that fight when the kids started hanging a one legged reindeer (that The Littlest managed to drop three times in the trip from the Christmas Shop to Home).  He was three – and it makes everyone laugh when we hang it up.  This year there is a Dalek in the middle of the tree.  Just to complete our Geek Christmas. I know people expect me to have this huge colour extravagance each year, but the older I get, the more I realize it is just about the family and the traditions we create for ourselves.  This year we have all four of the children together for Christmas Day for the very first time – and we are all very excited and awed by the wonderful sense of occasion this brings. AND we get to share presents, go to church and eat a lot. It couldn’t be better!

ANYWAY – I thought I would just include all the beautiful, easy decorations and Christmas-y things that have caught my eye in the last few weeks. Father Rabbit have the market on stylish simplicity cornered.  I just love this red star – classic and beautiful. And just $17 too. Mind you, I just checked and they appear to be out of stock!  I am not the only one that liked them then! Ezibuy have another similar one…

I love Marimekko.  I just love it – and this Raanu Stocking from Marimekko is just the Finnish at their Christmassy best.  These things are expensive, but they are bought and kept for a lifetime rather than bought to be thrown away after a few years.  I am a strong subscriber to this theory – we either buy well, or we try to make it ourselves. Raanu Marimekko Stocking is available on-line from in Christchurch and is $70.80

This felt wreath is from, but is also available from Collected by LeeAnn Yare at Bloc in Mt Eden.  At $120 it is a burst of colour that is a wonderful twist on the classic wreath.

Feeling like we could have a go at making something ourselves this year (I say ourselves, but I really mean The Daughter – I just supervise), we have covered a wreath base in pompom laboriously made by the enthusiastic Daughter (not so enthusiastic at the end there).  She made 50 pompoms with left over wool from her various projects – and I just love the finished piece.

I find myself always a little unhappy with the commercial Christmas wrapping paper.  Traditionally we try and make our own – with potato prints and brown paper as a rule.  But when time is scarce I have to turn to beautifully made wrapping.  And this year I am definitely running out of time! I love these wrapping papers from Toodles Noodles and you can find them on-line at  You will also find their retailers there as well.

When we packed up a year ago to move to the new house, one of our beloved christmas reindeers went into a box, and as of yet – it hasn’t come out! Madder & Rouge have these hand painted reindeer in a different combination each year – and are $79 for the large and $49 for the smaller ones. I think I had better go and unpack a few more boxes…

I love these over-large decorations for their sheer burst of colour! I have hung them from the rafters with striped ribbon from Spotlight (I just love that place). These ones were bought from Madder & Rouge as well, and are just $19 each.

Bunting is still very popular – so here is a bit of a twist on the traditional. Certainly something to get out when there is a birthday party – or I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to use it for Christmas either!  From Kikki K, the Hello Sunshine Bunting is just $9.90.  It would be lovely at the head of a child’s bed as well. Available at all Kikki K stores or on-line at

I thought you might appreciate the Dalek in the Christmas tree…



2 Comments on “all things bright and beautiful #6

  1. Your pompom wreath is a new family hairloom. It is beautiful! I went to buy wool a while ago and realised yarn bombing is a very expensive art form! xx Bec

    • It is indeed! We are very lucky! We have friends know about Madeleine’s obsession and she often gets gifted wool, as well and whipping out to Spotlight when ever they are on sale. That helps too! If you could see exactly how much wool she has stashed in her room…

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