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Just about the best thing about this time of year, for me anyway, is the looking for gifts.  I mean actually LOOKING for the gifts.  I just love the whole process of finding exactly the right thing, for the right person. There is just something rather splendid when a gift is opened and you know that they just love it (as opposed to just ‘liking’ it). I always try to watch the budget a bit as well, as extravagant is always welcome, but not always possible! So I have tried to cover as many of the bases as possible, and just added one thing over $50 because it was just so beautiful…


I just love this book, if I didn’t already have it, I would be hoping that someone would give it to me.  Actually I think just about everything on this list I would happily have in my stocking… The Satorialist Closer is by Scott Schuman – author, blogger, photographer and all-round style collator. He has called this book Closer because he feels his shooting style has evolve, he is more interested in the face, the personality of the person instead of just a full body portrait. This book is perfect for anyone interested in street style, and style in general.  It is taken mostly from the streets of New York, but also London and Milan. What I like about Schuman, is that he includes a large range of looks, of personalities, and ages.  Every time I read it, I see something new to inspire me in terms of my own wardrobe and how things can be worn. It is published by Penguin and is $36. Perfect for someone needing wardrobe inspiration.


My aversion to wearing anything coloured, means that I am obsessed with surrounding myself with colour – and imagine pulling this little beauty out of your overnight luggage.  You would just feel instantly happy! The aptly named Melting Ice Cream Mini Bag is just $40 and can be found at douglasandbec.co.nz. What a particularly like about it is that it could be any sort of bag – a clutch, a purse, a travel push or it could just sit beautifully on your bathroom counter. Perfect for the colour lover.

Sorbet_Parfait Candle_Pink

This beautiful Parfait candle from the Aromatherapy Company’s Sorbet Dream range was sitting on my desk the other day when my Niece came in and made a bee-line for it. She adores pink and all things girly and she immediately asked if she could have it.  I must be a soft touch usually (I do think that it usually works for her). Funnily enough I had already decided that she was going to have it for Christmas as it is just so her. It is just $18.99, so not too painful for the wallet. The range also comes with a diffuser and a trio of diffusers (I love the Dragon Fruit and Vanilla Bean fragrance).  Available at Farmers and leading department stores. Perfect for the girly teenager.



Ok, I am not going to be subtle about this.  Anyone who knows me – I want this in my stocking.  I love the packaging (its silver I will be able to find this in the depths of my black bag), I love the lip balm look for the weekend, and it is also a great lip conditioner for under your lipstick etc.  And it is worth a trip to the new Bobby Brown store in Britomart – just so you can see the beautiful interior of the store. It is $49 and it is perfect for me.


Sometimes Christmas (and gifts can just end up being so serious.  Sometimes fun gifts are just the answer.  I love this Straw Canister by glassons.com as it is both incredibly happy, and also a handy $14.99.  I feel it would be  great addition to the Christmas table when you have a whole heap of people coming.  I thought I might just do bottles of karma cola on Christmas Day for a treat for all the kids we are having around – and the Straw Canister will just be the thing. It is $14.99 and perfect for the Christmas Table.

Homesewn Image1

This Home Sewn book from the Fashion Museum is the thing for anyone who sews, or is even just starting out on their sewing journey.  The patterns range from very simple through to the more complex. With patterns supplied by New Zealand designers Lela Jacobs, Turet Knuefermann, Laurie Foon from Starfish New Materialism, Cybele, Company of Strangers and WORLD – there is something for everyone.  My Daughter is just starting on a holiday project of a dress by twenty -seven names. Perfect for the budding fashionista.


These are the perfect ‘stocking filler’ of maybe just give them the stocking itself… The Looking Glass Sock from Gorman (Nuffield St Newmarket) is $29 and is just perfect for The Daughter (It is already bought and tucked away).


The last book on our book list is The Natural Garden by Xanthe White. I am lucky enough to be having Xanthe work on the design of my own garden (I am completely gardening-challenged) as I am just lost as soon as you take me outside! I understand the concept of a garden and what it needs, but I don’t have the wisdom or knowledge to cope with the transformation of our rather large, over run garden native garden (read self seeded) into something that suits it’s more stately 150-year-old nature. She is just so lovely in person, and much of this is apparent in her book also. She creates sumptuous an inspirational landscape design with natural and wild gardens as her signature. She has ideas for everything from small roof top gardens through to rambling rural spaces.  She has included best-plant guides for each. Although it retails for $55, I have seen it for $49 so I could sneak it onto my list. In my case, it is perfect for my Mother-In-Law. And I may have possibly bought a copy for myself as well…


This Ruby Rocky Stud Necklace I would wear. I love the combination of studs and jet – jewelry with attitude without being too in your face. It could easily be worn with a pretty dress, or a leather jacket.  It looks to be rather versatile to me! At $49 it pips into the under $50 list nicely.  Perfect for your Girlfriends (or yourself).

OOB White Christmas $14.991

I have included this delicious OOB White Christmas Ice cream because sometimes it is nice to take something other than a bottle of wine to the pre-Xmas festivities. And at $14.99, you can take two if need be! With rum raisin, hazelnuts, ginger and glade cherries in the mix, it is all the wintery Christmas tastes, given a uniquely New Zealand twist by making it all into an ice-cream. Perfect for the entertainer.


I am cheating by including this divine Dee*Luxe Doll by the very talented Dee Roulston as it costs $80 – but I just had to include it. An incredibly talented woman who home schools her 5 children, writes on her blog and also hand-crafts beautiful soft toys, especially dolls – she is a woman of boundless energy and creativity. There are only two dolls left on her FELT store at present, but it is definitely worth following her on Facebook to see what this amazing woman is up to. Also read her blog www.deeconstruction.blogspot.co.nz and go to her store through there. Perfect for any child under the age of 100. Love.



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