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I love everything about this Zambesi collection. I wish I could be objective, but I just can’t be about this particular collection, I love it all. I adore this particular dark aesethic without going all black.  The yellow and black check in georgette, the yellow and gold pants, the ink blue and silver fabric, the gold brocade, and the silver loafers. It all came down the runway looking sexy and sleek and made me love the collection just a little bit more (as if this was actually possible).  I still love the Zambesi Eyewear, both the sunglasses and the optical frames. With this season, feels like the volume has been dialed down and the tailoring has been dialed up – but the layering is ever-present. Loved the white shirt with the ruched sleeves. Sigh.

The makeup was by M.A.C. and the hair by Ryder – both fellow Britomart residents.












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  1. I think Zambesi seriously needs some young talent to join there creative team, the world of fashion is constantly changing, this is just so boring and expected, I used to shop alot from Zambesi only because there was nothing else like zambesi around before but now there is nothing exciting about this label anymore. For the price point they offer, not worth it anymore. I have alot of respect for Liz and Dayne but this is not really exciting and just really blend! Love Zambesi but not exciting enough for me to want to buy from them.

    • I have loved Zambesi from the very first time I saw their store nearly 25 years ago. For me there has always been something timeless about what they have done, and continue to do. I am happy to supplement their designs with the likes of Jimmy D, Maakie, Company of Strangers and KowTow which work beautifully with their designs. But the fact that we disagree is just what fashion is all about – it is personal choice. Some seasons are strong than other seasons – but that again is a personal choice as to what resonates with each of us. Interestingly this is easily one of their best collections for me – I have earmarked more pieces to buy than is heathly for my bank balance!

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