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My love affair with Zambesi is a very open one. It is one thing people immediately associate with me as well as my great love of black. What most people don’t know (and really should) is that aside from the other three labels I adore (Maaike, Kowtow and of course Jimmy D) the other label I wear the most of is MOSS. MOSS is designed by the mother/daughter team of Gabrielle and Bridget OMalley. As with all the labels I support, they are New Zealand designed. I think one of its definite strengths is that Gabrielle is older and has been designing for many years – she understands what women of all ages need from their clothes. Her daughter Bridget has an incredible eye for detail and her own sense of straight-forward-style which means that their clothes are never fussy. Both of them have a fabulous sense of personal style – so much so that Gabrielle was recently snapped by the Boys at the Four Eyes Blog – here is the post. The photograph of Gabrielle is by them also. What makes their label so very different in the New Zealand market, is that they cater for sizes 10-24.  For some, this puts them in a niche market and it quite simply shouldn’t. Almost all the well designed ‘essentials’ in my wardrobe come from MOSS.  Perfectly designed black slips for underneath everything.  The shorts I wear all summer are designed by them (they have a very good eye when it comes to pants), as is the oversized silk shift that I wear all through the very hot months. They also share my love of sequins and a reasonably limited colour palette. You can always find great fitting back pants – the backbone of my own wardrobe. Their fit model is a healthy size 14.  Not the usual size 6-8.  I know this as I often get to stand in as their model at the beginning of each season – hence why I know their work so well. This winter in particular they have some great pieces. You will see me in their sequined Madam Butterfly Sequined Top and I may possibly have trouble deciding which colourway I want (ink or black). Here are my picks from their AW2013…


1208-MOSS Win 13-Shot 11_112x

Antoinette Blouse Darcy Cross-Over Pants

1208-MOSS Win 13-Shot 14_148x

Madame Butterfly Top and Classic Satin Ruched Skinnies

1208-MOSS Win 13-Shot 15_151x

Sequin Singlet Agnes Knit Overdress Classic Satin Ruched Skinnies

1208-MOSS Win 13-Shot 22_260x

Persuasion Dress

1208-MOSS Win 13-Shot 23_276x

Heavenly Overtop Sequin Singlet Mansfeild Park Shorts

1208-MOSS Win 13-Shot 26_335x

Eliza Dress

1208-MOSS Win 13-Shot 28_392x

English Rose Dress

gabrielle moss

Gabrielle O Malley photographed by Four Eyes


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