all things bright and beautiful #8

This past few weeks have whizzed past in a flash! We have had my Daughter’s wedding in January, work (interiors) has been frantic, and I have had some styling and writing on my plate. So it has been all go! And I am quite knackered. I have been ignoring beautiful bedlam while all this mayhem has been going on around me, (add one child with a dislocated kneecap and 2 with the flu as well), I feel like I haven’t had much space to gather my thoughts. The house is also due to appear in the current issue of Urbis just to top it all off!

People find it interesting that literally everything in our house is coloured. If you pull the drawers open in my kitchen, all the plastic containers, cutlery, china etc etc are coloured. I often wonder whether that is why colour doesn’t extend into my own wardrobe.  If I wore colour AS WELL, I think maybe my head would explode. But I do know that the small objects in our house, even the really practical ones, matter to me.  And if they are coloured, and practical, well all the better… so I am looking at practical colour with this post.  Those pops of colour that brighten your day every time you use them.

I love seeing that the use of colour is filtering down now to the everyday objects, with everyday prices.  The WAREHOUSE has taken up the charge with these kitchen hand mixers for only $39 in pink, turquoise, white and red. Practical, colorful and cost efficient! What more could you ask for? And I quite like these rubbish bins in bright colours as well.





Kenwood is styling up their latest release with the K-MIX arriving in a range of punchy, fabulous colours. Arriving on our shores in pink, orange, blue, white and red (overseas there is fantastic yellow as well). The Stand Mixer is $779  Food Processor $399 and the Hand Mixer is $199. Available now.

kmix_Line_Up_PINK HR copy 31

The Kitchen Aid remains a stalwart in many kitchens including mine. We do a lot of gluten-free baking in this house and the Kitchen Aid makes that a reasonably quick and painless process.  I have had mine for about 10 years (I bought it on sale at Millys – I saved all year for the jolly thing!) and it just keeps going. Mine is classic red but if I was buying one now I would love to own the new Crystal Blue version. Perfection. It doesn’t appear to available here yet, but I am sure if we just keep asking for the bright colours they will eventually come! Other colours available from Millys for @$1100




Those of you know me, know that on top of my head is a great mass of reasonably untamable curls. They have a mind of their own and I just have to make sure I have a really good cutter (Lorelei at Stephen Marr), some good hair products (Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion) and then it just has a mind of its own.  If I did have hair that would benefit from a good straighten, I would be wanting the new ghd Candy Collection Straighteners. And they would be far too beautiful to put in a cupboard – they could live on the bathroom counter permanently! They are $289 and are available now.

1ghd_Candy Collection_Group_CMYK
One of my favorite blogs is SF Girl By The Bay based in San Francisco. She is amazingly clever and I just adore her aesthetic. This is a Scandanavian kitchen all done in mostly black and white.  What is not to love… it is from a Danish company called OYOY and I just love the way they have a simple clean palette with bursts of beautiful colour.  They are a lot more edited than I am, I just turn the colour dial way up…










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  1. I can’t wait to read the Urbis issue – G left it at work (he’s now in Oz) but he said your house is hot! Victoria Smith is one of my all time favourite bloggers, that girl’s just got it doesn’t she? And I would do anything to have a studio like that second last image! M x

    • I know – but we would have to have a separate house from our children to have an office like that. We can dream! And yes am pleased with the Urbis issue – quite exciting to see how others perceive it!

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