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It is an easy thing to keep using the same products, and doing things the same way as we always have. I am definitely a creature of habit.I use the same shampoo (Kevin Murphy Angel Wash), the same styling products (Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion) and the same dryer (ghd air).  I get my hair done at the same salon (Stephen Marr for the last 20 years) and I have pretty much had short hair most of my adult life.   I am generally unimpressed by new-fangled gadgets as really how different can they be? Same with new products – it takes a lot to impress me. When I only write three blog posts a week (when I am particularly organised), I am much more interested (as a rule) in fabulous clothes and beautiful interiors.  But this new gadget, and this new product, are definitely worth talking about. They are, both in their own way, game changers…

ghd are well known for their styling tools, and it was pretty hard for me to understand how they could make the things they already have on the market any better. But they have. I had absolutely no idea the R&D that has gone into their newest styling tool, the ghd Eclipse. I could go into all the science at great length, but instead I will keep it short with the bits I think the most important. It appears we get the best results from heat styling at 185 degrees. If we go over that temperature, we run the risk of damaging the hair, especially if we go over 215 degrees where the keratin protein in the hair actually starts to melt!  Using under 185 degrees means that more repeated effort is needed to style the hair, and keep it that way. The Eclipse has not one but six sensors to help keep the temperature at a constant 185 degrees – also making sure the heat goes where it is needed. With the tool itself insulated (with technology from the aerospace industry!), it is cool to the touch. And from what I could see (and when using it myself), it means you can put the heated plate much closer to the scalp without burning yourself! The other impressive feature (in my eyes) is the fact that it heats up in under 20 seconds, and then it goes into sleep mode after 30 mins so there is no chance of you burning the house down if you leave it on when you go to work.

I think the most impressive part for me was that as the hair came out of the styler, it was cool to the touch.  I have never liked the ‘cooked’ feeling your hair has when it is styled – and this seems to totally avoid this altogether. ghd have given me the Eclipse to try out, and so far I have enjoyed the process. Who knew it was so damned easy to use?

The ghd Eclipse is available from ghd approved salons –  call 0800800 209 from this April. They will retail for $350.

Please avoid websites trying to sell you discounted ghd stylers. No websites that deliver to New Zealand are ghd approved. They will probably be counterfeit.


ghd Eclipse


I have a lot of friends who are experienced hairdressers, and I always find it interesting to run past them new products to see if the PR stands up to scrutiny. They were impressed with all the new features on the ghd Eclipse and even begged me to bring it into the salon so they could have a look at it.  Then I mentioned the new Wella breakthrough, Wella Illumina Colour and again, the general, unanimous conclusion is that this new colour is most definitely a game changer.

Recently I got to meet Wella Ambassador Shar Sutherland-Todd when she spoke at the Auckland launch of Wella Illumina. She is a stylist with many years experience who has has been using Illumina before its March release with her clients.  And they have all loved it. And her enthusiasm about the product was very infectious!

In a nutshell, the colour technology boasts up to 70 percent more light reflection and hair protection than other coloring agents. Illumina reduces hair cuticle damage, allowing the surface of the cuticle to remain clear. This allows light to pass through more easily – so it looks luminous and glossy. From what I understand, this is the first colour release with lots of blondes and mid browns.  There will ba another colour release later in the year. I was very impressed with the models on show on the evening, as the hair  looked like it had been highlighted – and had entirely escaped that ‘block’ colour look that often is associated with coloured hair. It looked like natural hair, only better!  The texture of the hair was also a surprise with it being light and soft to the touch which is often NOT the case for those of us who habitually dye our hair. And the kicker is that it has 100 percent grey coverage.  This may not be very interesting to you at 20 years old, but let me tell you at nearly 50 years old, it might be the most important thing of all the information you just read.

Wella Illumina is available in salons from March.

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