jimmy d – gloom generation wfw2013

On Friday evening Jimmy d’s James Dobson worked with The Service Depot in Wellington to showcase his particular brand of dark deconstruction that I so love. I always find it interesting to see the wearers of his garments, as he crosses both age and gender with his clients. His garments can be worn with high heels and slick red lips or beaten up Doc Martens and black nails.  I will not attribute gender to either of these combinations – and that is the beauty of his clothes.  Often made from silk, James has diverted from this path a little this winter with fine wools and knitted cottons being used. He has also dialed back the volume with sleeker, straighter silhouettes. Leather has been used to great effect with snug-fitting polo-necks and belting details used around the neck and wrists. Colour (yes colour) has been injected with prints, and also the use of parachute silk in Lipstick (a deep pink).

The installation was a gothic camping trip complete with a wolf, halogen campfire, designer tent, and moon bathing.  I don’t camp. But after seeing this, I just might…

Wellington (as with Auckland) has a great affection for this English-born Designer we now call our own – so the event, shared with BRIGHTBLACK blogger Matt Stopforth was wall to wall with fine young things. Black was the colour of choice and everyone was in a surprisingly upbeat mood as they celebrated the arrival of winter.  Excellent, we can all start wearing our layers now…


Photographs by Nikita Brown

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