zambesi ss2013/14

I am entirely unsure where to start with this post. I am just a bit paralyzed by how fabulous this collection is, and I will probably keep saying fantastic things… but what I particularly love about it is not what you would expect. As a firm lover of all things dark and deconstructed (I was, of course, relieved to see Liz Findlay all in black at the media showing) it is the things that I don’t usually see in Zambesi that I love about this collection. Pattern, and lots of it from paisley to plaids, from black and white swirls to hand sequined pieces in blush, is there in an abundance. There is a strong set of great Zambesi basic pieces which go under, and over garments adding to their usability. There are several archive pieces included in this collection (as there always is) and these just add to the ‘collection within a wider collection’ that is Zambesi’s ethos.

But there is white. And loads of it. And organza. And beautiful shirts, apron dresses, fringing and long flowing coats. And if you saw the show in Melbourne you would know how sexy it all looked as well – styled by the Zambesi Team. With the first six outfits down the catwalk being head to toe white, it just set the tone for the rest of the show. Just when you think which way Zambesi are going to go, they stick with their aesthetic but tip it entirely on its head.

I have included the pieces that I loved from the collection, but also shots that Michelle Weir took of the media night that took place in Zambesi’s fabulous new work space. It is such a perfect fit with their aesthetic that you would have assumed it was built especially for them. ┬áIt looks like they have always been there as well. Concrete floors and steel girders mixed with Chinese lacquered screens, the Kartell Phillipe Starck Top Top Table and Art Deco furniture complete the fit out. Gorgeous. The huge front windows are covered with swaths of plastic which are practical (closing the space off to the public) and dramatic (who would have thought?) – the idea was Neville Findlay’s. All round a perfect fit for both the Label and Space.



















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