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I will admit, my expectations leading up to Meadowlark’s spring/summer 2014 collection were about as high as they could possibly be. As a long-time admirer of Greg Fromont and Claire Hammon’s work, the chance to see their collection AND their beautiful new workspace in Newton (with the interior design a colab of Claire and stylist Charlotte Rust) was one i wasn’t going to miss for anything. It didn’t disappoint. For days afterward, my main train of thought was ‘All the pretty things. I want all of the pretty, shiny things.’
The thing I’ve always loved about Meadowlark is that they embrace dark edginess and this collection is no different. Rooted in the Latin saying VENI VIDI VICI the collection is split into three parts.
‘I came’ is represented by the devil’s claw motif. I particularly loved the earrings and small devil’s claw ring. Both have a slightly Art Deco feel, but with Meadowlark’s standard bad-ass vibe.
‘I saw’ is, obviously, the eyeball charms. What started as a joke (Claire has a habit of putting googly eyes on inanimate objects, including their Christmas tree) became a nod to all things horror and pop culture. The six eyeballs ring is not only awesome but also reminds me of the googly-eyed moss in Labyrinth (and what’s not to love about a sly David Bowie reference?), while the eyeball bracelets and choker are beautiful classic pieces, that I imagine anyone, any age, would look great in. Plus, the eyeball charm is a sneaky little inside joke that only you know about, like a beautiful lining on your favourite jacket. It’s the subtle, dark details that really make Meadowlark’s work such a delight to wear.
And finally, ‘I conquered’ is represented by the wreaths, a sign of triumph and immortality in Ancient Greece and Rome. These are statement pieces, no doubt, yet somehow also classic.
And it’s that classic appeal that I think the team at Meadowlark have really nailed this season. They still have their age-old conversation between beauty and darkness, but the classic nature of much of this collection means it’s hugely wearable for a wide audience. Yes, there’s still something in here for those of us with black hearts and a love of all things dark, but there’s also something for your mum, or your grandma. And that, I think, is a sign of real design talent.













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    • Thanks so much… that is high praise coming from you! I’m just trying to clear my desk right now, but might get detracted with a cuppa and a browse through yours… 🙂

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