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So you would have to be living under a rock somewhere to not know that ankle boots are completely on-trend. This is lucky for me, not because I care about trends particularly, but because I have quite a few pairs of them. I have bought a new pair of L D Tuttle Boots from Zambesi this winter, which I love, and I have trouble removing from my feet. I continue to wear boots that are comfortable and for the most part flat simply because I am completely useless in heels. The only heels I do own are wedges as I have much less of a chance of falling off those. But then I have recently been given a new pair of heels, and they are purple – yes purple, so read on…

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite boots – some pulled from my closet, others that I am just wishing were mine…

My week in Wellington for Wellington Fashion Week taught me one thing, you need fantastically comfortable shoes in Wellington (this is very big generalization I know). Comfortable and fabulous looking would be the holy grail of shoes then. I appear to have found that in my Palladium Baggies. These are, for me anyway, the most comfortable pair of boots I own to date.  I realize I have already included them in a post just last week, but they are just too good not to include again.

Originally used by the French Foreign Legion (and probably still used), they are a classic that has stood the test of time. And a whole heap of walking. This particular pair can be worn folded down around the ankle but I prefer to have them laced all the way up. I did have an original pair of Palladiums, but my teenage son may have stolen them as they fit him (he is only 13). I will, of course, never see them again. This particular pair came from Platypus in Queen St for $179, but they are also stocked at Pat Menzies in Queen St and at Plume in Christchurch and Dunedin. You just get a bit of a look at my X Ray Singlet from Maaike which I just love as well.


Sometimes budget dictates that we can’t stretch to the boots/shoes that we want. These boots from Number One Shoes fit the bill for budget conscious and stylish. That is me wearing them with a purple dress by the way – from Company of Strangers no less. They are called the Ursa boot and I paid just $39. And they are really comfortable…

2013-06-05 08.47.03 HDR

These L D Tuttle boots from Zambesi are my go-to boots when I need to be a bit more dressed than my Palladiums allow. Still exceptionally comfortable and they work well with tights or my perennial fitted pants.  I can never seem to get out of them!


Jimmy D’s clothing is always beautiful, and his lookbook styling styling is always spot on.  This winter’s Gloom Generation had a real slickness to it make all the more perfect by the boots that are matched to it. The Chrysler boot from Skin with its perfect rosy gold heel and toe that is just rounded enough.  They are $229 and available from Mischief Shoes and also from Andrea Biani (I have spotted then in their Newmarket store and at only $209).


While we are talking about Jimmy D, when he did a co-lab with Bright Black in Wellington recently, he styled the clothes with the Pilgrim Boot from Chaos and Harmony.  I love the chunky heel (you will never get wet toes again) and the fact that the heel evelation isn’t too high.  The boots retail for $399 and they are available from Mischief Shoes as well as the Department Store in Takapuna. But from what I have heard, they have possibly nearly sold out.


Stylist Sopheak Seng used chunky wool socks under ankle boots when styling the Sabatini show at Wellington Fashion Week and he is not the only person in-the-know to use that look.  These Misti boots in Grigio from Briarwood are a break from basic black (which I find almost impossible to do) with their taupe/grey coloured suede. They retail at $299 and are available at Briarwood stores and stockists.

Misti Grigio Briarwood $299

OK, so the thought of me in boots that aren’t black is a pretty startling concept. But I am having a bit of fun including a dash of colour with every outfit right at the moment. Sometimes it is just a quiet dash of red that only I can see, and I have even bought a dress from Company of Strangers that is violet. Yep, violet – the children are still in shock. I often wonder whether I do all black as I quite simply don’t have to think about the combinations – black goes with black goes with black. But I was given the opportunity to pick a pair of boots from ECCO recently, and these Navoi boots ($459) were the ones that I chose. And they are purple.  And they have a heel. And they are comfortable. They say there is something about women and red shoes, maybe it should be purple shoes… they make me happy…

2013-06-05 08.34.10

2013-06-05 08.34.36


If money were no object, I would buy these incredible boots from Maison Martin Margiela. The Glitter Finished Raffia Ankle Boot is USD$956 with its silver glitter finish and its stacked wooden heel is just a thing of beauty. Sigh.  Available from Net-A-Porter.com

margiela boots

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