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Black is good all year round. It continues unabated in my wardrobe.  And will continue to do so! So here are some of the best budget buys I have seen recently…

AS Colour is my go-to place for sweatshirts for my Boys (all of them young and old) but they also have a couple of great layering basics as well.  The Emily Singlet Dress is the perfect basic – an extra layer during the winter (I love layers) with a loose layer over the top and it just extends a top into a dress in the summer.  I wear mine all year round.  The colour stays black and it is just $30.  ASCOLOUR have a deal where if you buy any variation of three sweatshirts, and tees are just $110 – I think you can just add one of the Dresses into the mix of sweatshirts and tees…


OK technically this isn’t black – there is a bit of white in there, but this looks like such a great piece that I have to include it. Due inshore at Glassons soon, it retails for $49.  I love assemetrical hemlines – they cover a multitude of sins…

BV19261PRT_glassons $49.99

Boots are most definitely my go-to footwear. I even have trouble with summer as I have to stop wearing boots or sneakers and I find that just about impossible! These two pairs of boots are my picks from Number One Shoes with Daisy now being $39 – and they are leather, and Jenny which is $49







The Warehouse has a couple of fabulous basics at the moment. I have questioned them recently on their manufacturing and most of it is done in China and they are tightening their practices (in terms of working conditions and wages) to make sure all the companies they deal with work to the standards they set. These are my picks that are currently in-store at the moment.  Being the “High Priestess of Layers” (according to James Dobson of Jimmy D), I am always on the hunt for the right leggings, tights, pants to ground an outfit. It isn’t that I dislike skin, my skin, it is just that I prefer to be covered. All year ground.  This is of course a problem in the summer, but that is another post entirely… These wet-look tights just seems to still do the rounds popping up every now and then, and I just buy them whenever I see them – I love the texture they bring. They are on sale for just $15. Bargain. The two tops I picked are Godae Plain Tee with its interesting v shaped and pleated back detail for just $19 and the Drop Hem Tee ($15) which comes in black, white and plum has a great assemetrical hemline. I cannot see how this can’t be a fabulous basic – what can be worn with a merino underneath right now, and with bare arms in the summer. The jacket is made of sweat shirting and has been my favourite to wear since I bought it (intact I wore it to The Warehouse Spring launch today).  It has a great neck detail, a zip front and deep pockets with a stud detail. And it was just $35. Love it.

Wet Look Tights and Godae Top

Wet Look Tights and Godae Top

Sweater Coat and Drop Hem Tee

Sweater Coat and Drop Hem Tee


These sandals may technically a little outside of the ‘budget’ field but they are my favourite sale purchase lately. I hate uncomfortable shoes, especially sandals and these Nike Gladiator Sandals were $190 and are currently on sale at the converse/nike factory store at Dressmart in Onehunga for $90.  I am going to wear them the entire summer, I can just tell…



The post finishes with a quick pick-me-up for your nail polish. Every colour looks different with a matte top coat and the OPI Matte Topcoat is fabulous.  It is so in demand that you can hardly find it anywhere!  I got mine from Farmers in St Lukes Auckland and only because a kindly sales girl saved me a bottle.  I think she got sick of me coming in and asking if they had any!  Nice to get great service though, and it was only $26.  And it instantly changes every finish of every bottle of polish you own…



8 Comments on “budget black

  1. Love those Warehouse tops and they would be perfect additions to my wardrobe. Might have to break my no-malls rule and go and hunt them down. Thank you!

    • And not a tunic in sight luckily! Try the Mt Roskill Warehouse as it is all shiny and new – and isn’t part of a mall 🙂 They have a great homewares section too

  2. Hey there
    the chemist in Lynn Mall has OPI matt finishes! Go west…..x

    • Excellent! It took me 4 weeks to find someone who actually had any…

  3. Nice picks in my favourite colour. If anyone knows where I can find the OPI matte finish in Wellington feel free to share. That stuff is elusive and I’ve been on the hunt for a while. Just a quick question about the Warehouse tees, how have the washed and worn? I’ve picked those two styles up and put them back on the rack numerous times as I worry that they’ll pill and warp and that I should just stump up for Kowtow guilt free tee goodness. Thanks!

    • I checked with the PR agency – Lily & Louis and they say either Kirks or Farmers – or call 0800144562 and they should be able to tell you stockists. Good luck! In regard to the Warehouse tees – they will never be the same quality as the fantastic KOWTOW, but with things like that – I just wash them and then dry them on the line – it just extends their life a bit… If you have the choice – I would always go for the better quality option, but sometimes budget makes the decision for us! Sigh…

      • Wow, thanks so much for checking out Wellington stockists for me. Above and beyond the bloggers call of duty! I’ll keep thinking about the Warehouse tees but I’m definitely getting the new season Kowtow pants to replace my well loved pair from 2 years ago. The new ones are just as good as ever except they’ll have pockets. Everything gets better when you add pockets! Thanks again.

        • You are welcome – it was just a quick phone call… I do know how incredibly hard that stuff is to find! Hopefully you manage to get your hands on some 🙂

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