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BLOC is currently playing host to an amazing innovative exhibition. Twenty Year Two AUT Industrial Design students have been working on a collaborative design project with Rebecca Dowie from Douglas and Bec. She has been mentoring them as part of their studies, and after eight weeks working together, these are the fantastic projects they have come up with. It quite amazed us as we walked around the exhibition (running this 3rd August) how many of the objects we could see translate beautifully into  Douglas and Bec’s store without any alteration.  We spoke with Rebecca and Paul during the opening night, and their passion for the project was very evident and I can imagine that we will see some of these objects in-store. The principals of Douglas and Bec’s extraordinary success – functional, beautiful objects of a hand crafted nature – in woods, ceramics and metals – are all evident here.  The simplicity of many of the objects bely their complex construction.

Levi Crookes’ ‘Heywood Harmony Mirror’ won the BLOC Award on the night, and Antonio Wan’s ‘Reflective Mirror’ won the People’s Choice Award (from Facebook votes). Both of these pieces were beautiful, and we also loved Meliz A Deocales’ ‘Nessl’ – ceramic and hardwood nesting jars. Paul Dowie told us that the beautifully turned wooden cups was Meliz’ first attempt at turning – and they were finely finished.

The 30 sec/1min timer by Charlotte Dickson, was another favourite of ours as was Mulo Candelabra in wood and metal by Audi Siregar (which was my personal favourite with its organic shapes). We also loved the whimsy of ‘tre3’ a set of jars in wood and ceramics by Joshua Lee. We could see Matthew Bloc’s Clamp Light fitting into many an industrial inspired interior fit-out. Daniel Smith’s ambitious Concept No1 Chair was the largest of the objects and we loved its curved lines.

The exhibition continues until 3rd August at BLOC 20 Normanby Road Mt Eden. Go and see what designers of the future are making now.


Nessl – Meliz A Deocales


BLOCK3 Nightlight by Samuel Blok


Suspended Coat Rack – Amanda Kay Walker


Bedside Lighthouse – Ting Hui Su


Reflective Mirror – Antonio Wan – People Choice Winner


Levi Crookes - Heywoods Harmony Mirror - BLOC winner

Levi Crookes – Heywoods Harmony Mirror – BLOC winner



Clamp Light – Matthew Blok


tre3 – Joshua Lee

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