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Having just finished a home for a client that has featured in HOMESTYLE in the current issue, my mind is still firmly on all things black for interiors (with clothing it just goes without saying really…) Black can be used as easily as a neutral but it comes alive when you add pattern and colour. A whole lot of things I love come in black so I thought a post was long over due so here we go…

The Sidekick Stool/Table by Timothy John is one of my favourite objects at the moment. I love the mixture of the solid (the wooden top/seat) and the see-thru (the wire base).  Designed to look like the wire and cork of a wine bottle stopper – the original one was made with a cork seat/top, the newer versions feature a wooden top with a coloured bottle – in yellow, white, blue (all with a wooden top) and black. They retail for $399 for the stool and $440 for the table (which I have). You can actually use the table as a stool even tho it has a flatter top and this is what I love about them – they have multiple uses – side table next to the bed, coffee table in the lounge when you have guests and extra seating if required. Get yours from PAPERPLANE in Tauranga as they also have an on-line store. The photograph was taken by Jaqui Meiring.

1306-HOMESTYLE-A Brighouse_ 23423x

Douglas & Bec have released their Black Weave Chair in a black stain matte finish.  Made in American Ash it is stained black and the seat is finished with black leather which will wear and age beautifully over time. And it has a simple but beautiful shape.  What is not to love? It retails for $1430 and you can find it at Douglas and Bec

douglas and bec chair

Sort of Coal is a Danish company with a real passion for an extraordinary material called “White Charcoal”.  Used by the Japanese for its unique ability to purify materials by adsorbing (adsorb is to attract gasses through a chemical reaction rather than absorb which is to soak up substances) and encapsulating harmful substances to its surface. I was at Stephen Marr recently having my hair done, and all the water pitchers have this coal, called Kishu Binchotan in them. It looks incredible and it and obviously very beneficial, purifying the water itself. Available from Father Rabbit, it retails for $34.00.

sort of coal

This next candle from macyhome is just amazing. I think I may have to save up for it – it is just too beautiful. The DL & Co Madame de Pompadour retails for $155 which I know is alot – but it is almost a piece of art really.  I cant be entirely sure that I would even burn it.  That said, the burning down of the candle means that no two are ever the same once the melting of the wax has started and there is something beautifully organic about that.


Also at macyhome are the DL & Co Small Skull Plates. These as side plates with an all white set would be beautiful.  And more than a little gothic. Macy Home is on Ponsonby Red, Ponsonby but you can also find them on-line. They retail at $52 and there is also a blooming flower and skull plate as well.

skull plate

And if you just want a little splash of black in a room and the budget is a bit tight, try this single tall candle stick from Parnell Agencies, and available at Harvey Norman and other retailers.  At just $39, you can add a brightly coloured candle for a colour jolt.



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