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The multi talented (Stylist, Shop Curator, Facebook extraordinaire, Writer, Mitre Ten Dream Home  Judge, Mother and Pilot) LeeAnn Yare has bought together 24 of the boldest and brightest homes from around New Zealand with photographs by the Lovely Larnie Nicolson all in one special book. What I love about the book almost as much as all the unabashed use of colour, is the fact that all the homes are from The Land of The Long White Cloud.  This can only be a good thing.  We have plenty of fabulous books that celebrate New Zealand architecture, and what that looks like to us, but there are very few (if any) interiors books. With a wonderful range of houses covered, from beautiful villas, west coast beach homes, urban homes and new builds.  There is literally something for everyone with the common thread being homes that have been dealt with both cleverly and bravely. Some of the homes err on the side of minimalism with a fuss free feel, but many (like my own home and that of Alex Fulton’s) have had the colour and personality pumped up a bit!  There are a ream of clever ideas that accompany each home, with the owners explaining how they achieved their look, with extra tips and tricks added to educate the reader. We also get to look into LeeAnn’s house as well with her mass of great design and styling ideas.

My favourite houses are those of the wonderful Alex Fulton (of Alex Fulton Design) who has an amazing head for pattern and colour – and who decorates entirely for herself and her family which I greatly admire.  Melissa Bowman’s (Owner of children’s furniture store Meluka) home is an amazing combination of elegance and quirk with her shots of deep green velvet in her clever living area and downstairs “colour on steroids” bedrooms that belong to her children.  I know her home, and she has managed to use every piece of available space cleverly and made the home feel deceptively large. Amanda Holland’s (owner of Small Acorns in Wellington) home I envy because of all the beautiful Designers Guild fabrics and wallpapers she has used – check out her flowered bathroom! But I actually love something about each and every house – I think that is a huge part of the book’s charm.

I am very honoured to have my previous home included in the book, and it is wonderful to look through all the pictures even though we have left that home nearly two years ago. I love seeing all the pieces of furniture that we still own in that setting, knowing I still have them but they just occupy a different space in our new home. Larnie has done such a lovely job bringing the homes to life, everything looks so vibrant and gorgeous! And let me just say that this is a substantial book – it is a beautiful hardcover, coffee table book that you will want to leave permanently ON the coffee table…

I have one copy of this fabulous book to giveaway, so if you want to comment below, or comment/like my Facebook post then I will draw a winner at the end of the week.

New Zealand Interior Style by LeeAnn Yare with photography by Larnie Nicolson is published by Penguin, it retails for $65 and is available now. I know that Collected by LeeAnn Yare has plenty of copies though I have been told they are selling fast. Luckily I have all my copies. If you are even vaguely related to me, you are getting this book for Christmas – it seems to me this is the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

All images by Larnie Nicolson


Melissa Bowmans home

Melissa Bowmans home


Melissa Bowman

Melissa Bowman

Pg 76-77-1

Melissa Bowman

Alex Fulton's home

Alex Fulton’s home

Alex Fulton

Alex Fulton

My home

My home

my home

my home

my home

my home

18 Comments on “new zealand interior style

  1. Hi Anya i would love to win this book. I am a fan of LeAnn’s style and colour in houses in general. I was lucky enough to see Amanda Holland’s home on a NZ house and garden tour. I have followed your blog for a while and have got my order in for a pair of simpleton + tobe shoes thanks to your tip off! Aisling

    • Ohhh – you are in the draw then! Good luck! I am very envious of Amanda’s house – those lampshades, that wallpaper!

  2. Hi Anya, I would love to win this book. I love to see how people use bold colours at home which show the soul of a home. The wall paper that Alex Fulton used in her office was fantaxtic. I would love o use that when I have my house built next year. It will be great to learn more from the book. Jun

  3. Gorgeous. I would loveeeee this book –
    Bring on fresh inspiration!

    • This book is packed full of colour – and used to well! So yes, a book full of inspiration it is!

  4. After nearly 30 years of living in our family home, we are selling and downsizing. I am looking to start afresh – it’s going to be quite an emotional move in many ways tho I have an opportunity to have so many new things after our tired (tho much loved) ones… This book would give me practical help and a comfort boost at the same time! It looks amazing and I love the contributors, many of whose FB pages, blogs, sites etc. I drool over! Thanks!

    • This book is just inspiration from cover to cover really – and can be adjusted to suit any kind of budget I imagine. Love it…

  5. Hi Anya, I would LOVE to win this book! I am creative myself (artist/ illustrator) and love looking at interior design! I also follow LeAnn Yare’s blog and facebook page. I just love the combinations she comes up with!

  6. Love LeAnn’s style and awesome use of colour, currently re-decorating and would love a quick go to that doesn’t involve turning the computer on and getting distracted by FB and other wee vices. Always inspiring, would love to win x

  7. I would love this book! We live in a small town in rural lower north island, so I’m addicted to your blog, and those whose houses are in this book, where I get my fix of design inspiration! I need inspiration to liven up my ‘safe’ neutral based home…I love colour but lack the bravery needed to make decisions! 🙂

  8. Hi Anya, What a great review of LeeAnn & Larnie’s book – and I so agree with all that you have said. It is so nice to see a book at long last that focuses on NZ interiors, and like you, I came away feeling inspired by each of the homes featured, and pleased to see that colour appears to be alive and well, and long may that continue! Thanks so much for mentioning my home too – I feel very honoured to be included not only in the book, but as one of your favourites.
    Amanda x
    (P.S Naturally, do not include me in your draw!)

    • You are most welcome Amanda, it most certainly is one of my favourites – you could never have me to visit and I would probably snaffle the lampshades when you weren’t looking. I aspire to be as brave as you, and wallpaper a bathroom one day 🙂 It is, my favourite bathroom – and I don’t say that glibly at all!

  9. Hope I’m not too late to be in the draw! Ditto to all of the above comments, looks gorgeous but extra special featuring only NZ design/houses. This will most definately be on my Xmas wish list!

  10. And the winner of the book is Aisling McCarthy – if you could email, or message me – I will get your copy to you!

    • Hi Anya

      I received my book today and it is awesome! Thanks so much!

      And to anyone who is considering it – put it on your Xmas list – it is a fab book!



      • Glad you are enjoying it so much Aisling. Basically anyone who is related to me is getting one for Christmas this year 🙂

  11. It is certainly a fantastic book and I loved it! I think the best part about in the designs is intermingling of different cultures. You can see a painting of Lord Lakshmi somewhere there and then lovely quotes by the famous French poet La Fontaine. They seem like a lovely splash of vibrant energy! What a bold use of color for expression..! This is impressive. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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