all things bright and beautiful #9

Yikes!  It feels like ages since I have posted anything on interiors.  I do promise to do a few more in the new year when I get myself a bit more organized! I think beautifulbedlam will be a bit quiet over the first half of January as I assume you will all be on holiday and wanting to just read and soak up the sun.  Which is pretty much what I will be doing I think!

So here are my favourite colourful things at the moment in no particular order of preference, as always – just things I love and things I wish were in my home.

If you have ever read my posts before you will know that I love enamelware. And particularly coloured enamelware. Everyday Needs now has this fantastic orange kettle, which also comes in white. They retail for $170 and are available from EVERYDAY NEEDS at 270 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby.


Things don’t always have to be interior objects to catch my eye, and if I did wear colour, then I would wear this watch.  Actually thinking about it I have two children who would love this watch – the Daughter would definitely wear it, and now the 10 year old has told me in no uncertain terms that he wishes to not wear grey or brown any more.  He just wants me to buy clothes that are “the colours of the house”.  He went to school in bright purple track pants, and a egg-yolk yellow and white striped tee the other day… love that Boy… This Baby G watch is available at selected  Casio stockists and retails for $170.  You can get it from CENTRAL, I checked…


While we are still talking non- interior objects, these gorgeous MOR clutches are all done in PANTONE 178 tangerine. All travel essentials they include a New York Pencil Case ($29 for all your beauty travel needs), the Barcelona Train Case ($64.99) and the Melbourne Cosmetic Purse Trio ($44.99). The set of three can be used in a variety of ways – separately or inside one another.  We have a set to give away.  So just like this post on FB or comment below and I will draw a winner at the end of the week. Then hopefully I can get it out to you before Christmas (but I am not making any promises – this is a crazy time of year).


I am, of course, very partial to a spot of wallpaper.  And when you combine wallpaper with a wonderful, colourful graphic, then I am really going to love it!  The Minakani Lab MOSAIC paper from thepaperroom is just amazing.  It is quite expensive, at $569 per roll (the roll is two drops of .75cm and 280cm width) but it is amazing.  You could even use it to cover the front of a piece of furniture, or a splash back in a kitchen with glass over the top. Gorgeous.

minikani Lab wallpaper

I am a little loathe to feature this rug, as I know it is a bit hard to get hold of at the moment, but I think you can still order it from Australia if you aren’t in a big hurry.  It is the Rangoli Rug from Freedom, and it is just $129 and a great size too.  I have one that lives in my sunroom and copes with the high sun, and the foot traffic thru to outside.  I am very happy with it, but I know that they didnt get many into New Zealand, and am unsure if they will continue to get them or not… the rug I like is the multi coloured rag rug which the blue chair is sitting on.  Just realised there are an assortment of rugs in the picture!


For the person who has everything, and an eye for detail (and colour) these Sea Serpent mats and key rings are made by US based artist Sophie Aschauer out of reclaimed sailing ropes. In a myriad of beautiful colours, the large mats start at $995 with the door mats featured below for $485 with the key rings just $42.  They are available from Simon James .  I, of course, love the soft pink and magenta combination…

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 7.29.24 PM

I love colour glass (yes I know, I love coloured everything) and just in time for Christmas  Mr Bigglesworthy has some vintage glass pieces that they have just got in.  I have bought a piece in yellow Murano glass for a friend who collects 60’s objects.  These would look amazing adding to an already exisiting collection, but also just on their own.


Finally, I have been coverting these outdoor swings (that could easily be used indoors as well) since I saw something similar on the Anthropologie website in the US.  But now they are actually here thanks to NEST .  They come in the blue/green colourway, as well as white and ecru (natural).  Operating out of a space at 35 Dacre St, Newton, Auckland and also online at NEST, these chairs retail for $649.  There is a multitude of other great products instore and online so go check it out. A great chair to laze away the rest of the holidays in, book in hand… watch out for my holiday reading post which is due shortly…






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