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You have probably picked up by now that I like skincare and makeup with a more natural base. With as few long-winded chemical names in their composition as possible.  This isn’t always possible, and I am certainly not limited to things within a strict criteria, it is just the older I get, the fussier I am about what I put on/wear on my skin. Here are a couple I quite like at the moment.


There are alot of acconins on the market at the moment in regard to skincare.  BB (beauty balm) creams, CC (colour correcting) creams and now I have even heard of DD (dynamic do-all) creams… but the first natural New Zealand made BB cream has been created by Oasis Beauty. Their South Island based founder Stephanie Evans wanted to create something that meant time poor New Zealand woman that was multi-purpose, made from natural ingredients in New Zealand.  So the Oasis Sun BB Cream in three shades has been created. They are all-in-one SPF 25 anti-aging moisturizer and mineral foundations. The Honey Tint gives a mid coverage with a dewy finish which is light enough for me. The Cream and Caramel tints are fuller coverage with a powder finish and are heavier than I would normally use. The BB cream can be worn alone, or with moisturiser underneath but I prefer to use moisturizer. I found that working the cream on the back of my hand a bit helped it go on as lightly as I prefer but it took a bit of practise to get it right. The products are manufactured in New Zealand with no colour, fragrance, paprabens or nano-particles and is cruelty-free. From a purely aesthetic point of view the packaging is beautiful and the pump bottle is very easy to use. Go to oasisbeauty to buy, find stockists near you or to request a sample.


If you have ever travelled (and most of us have) on a long-haul flight, you will know how vile your skin feels after 24 hours of planes and airport lounges. Flying just seems to suck the moisture out of you (well it actually does, we do know this).  When I am lucky enough to visit my sister in the States, I get on that long haul flight ( only 13 hours) with a couple of magic things that make sure I don’t look like I have aged by ten years when I get off. One of them is a good moisturiser.  I take off my makeup when I get on the flight (who cares how I look – it is usually dark!) and put a good night moisturizer on.  I make sure I drink as much as I can – no caffeine or alcohol either.  I hate being jetlagged and I never sleep on planes so I do try pretty much anything to not look like death when I arrive. The other thing I use is a spritzer.  The M.A.C. is my favourite, but when I can’t get it I use the Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner. It has rose and lavender in it and smells amazing. Occasionally when my skin gets ‘stressed’ (I have a dust mite allergy and it can get itchy and hyper sensitive) I can use this also to help calm it. It retails for $29 and you can buy it online of find stockists here.



The Aromatherapy Company must be one of the most prolific cosmetic companies in New Zealand. They are continually bringing out new collections, and I love these three new additions to the Therapy Range called Healing. The Therapy Range Rosehip Wand with rosehip, lavender & pomegranate seed which smells absolutely wonderful.  But then I have always been a sucker for lavender.  It is just the most beautiful fragrance. The wand is to be used on fine lines and wrinkles and at just $18.99 if wont break the bank. The second wand is the Cuticle Oil which I have had sitting next to the chair I sit in to watch TV or read so I put it on when I am just zoning out. At just $16.99 it is inexpensive, but small enough to put in a handbag or your desk at work.  My cuticles are definitely looking better.  Lastly the Healing Balm with Tea Tree, Lavender (again – bliss) and natural bees wax.  Again it is just $$17.99 and is small enough to pop in your handbag, I have tried it on small patches of excema and dry skin, and is said to be good on slow healing scars and abrasions.



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