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Here are five beautiful crafty books to keep the creative juices flowing with some wonderful ideas of things that can be made – from simple to the more complicated…


I love everything about Beci Orpin. She is one clever lady.  With a fantastic blog and the most amazing way with colour, I never tire of looking at her creations.  Find & Keep is an inspiration, and also a craft book.  It has 26 fabulous projects that are perfect for anyone from children through to, well, anyone. With projects as easy as gift wrapping paper, a couple of pompom projects, and a poncho to make as well as words of wisdom on how to create your own inspiration wall, this book has been required reading every time I have had a bit of a rough patch creatively. She makes everything look easy, and in fact this is the beauty of her book, everything is easily achievable, whereas sometimes books make things look great, but the end product is hard to re-create. My favourite section is called Out & About and it is just a set of photographs of things, colours, shapes that have inspired her, the simple beauty in everything, with a few words of her wonderful brand of wisdom.  Love it. Find & Keep by Beci Orpin is published by Hardie Grant and retails for $39.


From making to displaying, Supermarket Sarah WONDER WALLS by Sarah Bagner is a book to help you make sense, and beauty of all the things you own. While we have been in the slow process of renovating our home (we are quietly heading into year three) we have been surprised by the things we have ‘found’ as we have quietly unpacked and slowly expanded into the house as we have made it our home. I am not the sort of person who likes to put things away in cupboards, as I own a great many beautiful things. I am a terrible hoarder and have held onto things from my teens (Lord help me).  Sarah Bagner, of fame, offers up a whole heap of inspiration on novel ways we can use our walls to display our treasures. She understands that whatever is displayed (and however it is done) has meaning for the owner.  Why not let it be beautiful?  With case studies of wonderfully interesting people from around the globe, we get to see the homes (and collections) of Ilse from Sweden, Christopher from London, Red or Dead founder Wayne Hemingway’s home in Sussex, homes that are modern, vintage, maximalist and everything in between. With work spaces, homes, and studios – everything is covered.  This is not a book for the minimalist.  This is a book for collectors and creative everywhere!

Supermarket Sarah WONDER WALLS (A guide to displaying your stuff) by Sarah Bagner is distributed by Book Reps and retails for $54.


Katie Allen was torn between journalism and working in a costume shop as a career, Katie made the agonizing decision to go for journalism, but has obviously never stopped being a creartive crafter. She blogs at as well as editing So it seemed like a natural progression to combine her two loves, writing and making. So Just Sew Stories was born!  With 25 gift projects ranging from “easy peasy” to “confident crafter” there is literally something for everyone. With everything from decoupage, sewing, cooking and even hot-glue-gunning included! With finished projects of printed cushions, iPad cases, leather clutches and more. So get ready to feel inspired with Just Sew Stories by Katie Allen, published by Hardie Grant and retailing for $34


Killer Slippers And How To Make Them by Nick Godlee is certainly an interesting book title! And with the front cover picture of two swans floating in a pond, that turn out to be beautifully made swan slippers, you know you have something pretty original in your hands. Described as “wild and wacky but wickedly wearable” the slippers in this book are definitely going to make you smile as you imagine slipping your toes into the slippers you are going to make! Nick Godlee is a costume designer (Wicked and The Lion King) Australian by birth but now a native of New York.  This is a hilarious book, with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, as you get to make elephant, potato sack, fish, ocean liner, flowered, and bedazzled slippers. The instructions are very clear, though I would not say this book is for a beginner sewer, you would need just a good basic knowledge of sewing and crafting to make these amazing works of art! Killer Slippers and How To Make Them by Nick Godlee is published by Hardie Grant and retails for $19.


Homemade Simple by Joanna Gosling is my last book to review. She worked as a journalist for 20 years and currently presents a news programme for the BBC.  As if that isnt enough, she has three young daughters as well as already writing a book called Simply Wonderwoman.  This book is full of wonderful gifts to make – simple oilskin bags look like something I could handle, as well as small gifts to knit, and even simple clay tealight holders.  The ideas and execution are simple – the Winebox Desk couldn’t be easier – a desk made with wine boxes and glue!  They do look like projects you could quite simply have a go at over a weekend and come out look far more clever than you really are!  The instructions are straight forward – I am going to attempt a Bike-Seat Cover for my ‘ladies bike’.  I am sure that the new Mexican oilcloth from Madder and Rouge will do the trick nicely… Homemade Simple by Joanna Gosling is by New Holland Publishers, and retails for $49.  It is available now.

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