we love father rabbit

In a second in a series on beautiful store interiors that we would like to live in, we feature the sublime Father Rabbit. Originally an online store only, Claudia  and her husband Nick have moved to a tiny store at the front of their home in Grey Lynn, aand now to their perfect new location as part of the BLOC complex in Eden Terrace, Auckland, in a few short years. I used to love trawling their internet store, and when they opened their first store, I pretty much wanted pack up and live there, or at the very least holiday there on a regular basis.  With an all white palette as an amazing backdrop to all Father Rabbit’s treasures with its simple, quiet wares – all things that are genuinely beautiful in their own right – but in an understated way.  They are often things that are very practical, but usually they come in a cheap throw away version. Father Rabbit gives you the beautiful well made version.  Wooden brushes, wooden handled gardening tools (I have them and they are amazing to use), enamel dishes, perfect ceramic dinnerware, simple to do list (from my favourite Toodles Noodles) linen table cloths and bedding, and even the most perfect fairy lights made in copper. And they are all pieces that have longevity too them – classic styling in a palette of white, linen, natural wood, copper with little pops of olive, soft blue, red and navy.

The shots of strong colour are confined to a house-like structure in the middle of the store concentrating it all for maximum effect!  This space will change from time to time, and I think a change is coming to check the space the next time you are in store. You never know what Claudia will do next…











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