all things bright and beautiful #10

I feel like I have been on a massive learning curve lately. And though this has been hard work – it has left me with a great feeling of accomplishment that has reminded me what fun it actually is to try new things.  It is easy (I think) to get complacent as we wander through life, as we let life throw things at us (marriage, babies, children, jobs). I always used to scoff at people who went out searching for adventure – climbing mountains, running marathons etc, but I now get want some of that is about.  But please don’t expect me to start running or climbing or traveling to the Sahara, as I am far more interested in the adventures I can have on my own turf.

Lately I have found myself in new situations, learning new things, trying new things (OK, so gardening is probably one of those things) and pushing myself a bit more “widely” into the world. And I have loved all the things that have been coming into my life because of it. I feel the adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is completely wrong. I think possibly new tricks are exactly what this old dog actually needs…

In saying this, I don’t think my love of colour is changing in any way at  all. So here are some of the more beautiful things that have come my way recently…

This is a shot of one of my favourite corners of my house.  It has long since changed (I do that a lot – change things around), and the chair is now in my guest room, the books are in our library as are the magazines. But what I really love about that corner is the colour, and the way the light falls about mid afternoon. Funny how such small things make me smile everyday.  The colour is from Porters Paints and is called AVALON. I am grateful everyday that I was brave enough to paint it this colour… photograph by Matt Queree for Homestyle

tapestry picture

At this time of year my head starts turning to rugs.  Strange I know, but as soon as the weather gets cooler, I start getting all our rugs out of storage and pulling throws out of cupboards and making the place feel all wintery and snug. The new Designer Collection from Armadillo & Co is just amazing – they are stocked at The Ivy House in Auckland and I just LOVE all their beautiful colourways.  What I also love is that the rugs are ALL ethically made with fair wages and production practices. Beautiful rugs, beautifully made.


Missoni is one of the great loves of my colour-life. I love their use of colour and pattern together and the pieces I own of theirs are some of my all-time favourite pieces.  My obsession with scented candles (yes I know) AND Missoni together then, is like a perfect storm. They are available from Backhouse Interiors and come in 5 varieties – they retail for $128.  The ZigZag one is called Monterosa


I should start this by saying I don’t drink coffee, never have.  But my Husband LOVES a good coffee.  For years he was determined to save for a beautiful big coffee machine that would need a degree to operate, take up most of my kitchen bench space and cost the same amount as a small car. I have never had that kind of devotion to coffee (but I understand it is on par with my love for colour). So when friends started offering him a Nespresso cup of coffee when he visited, he tried hard to find fault with it.  I think to his mind it was too easy, too straight forward – so not a “real” cup of coffee. I, on the other hand, fell in love with the whole concept – a beautifully designed machine that didn’t take up too much bench space, made a perfect cup of coffee (and hot chocolate too) and didn’t cost the earth. My one issue was the non-recyclable capsules the coffee came in. So I waited. And when they fixed that small problem (they are now recyclable) I snuck off and bought one for The Husband for this birthday.  And can I just say we use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. The Husband has coffee every morning and the kids have hot chocolates with their breakfast. So I am a complete convert… EXCEPT that they have now released beautiful coloured ones with the new Inissia Range that launched last week (and they are even smaller and lighter). And I have an older cream one at home. And I seriously want the new Inissia Sun (orange) one… sigh… Michelle and I got to go to the launch and here are some of her photos.  It was an amazing event – with cakes by Bluebell Cupcakery, and food (and coffee) to die for.

If you want to try your hand at winning one of the new chevron collaborations between Nespresso Inissia and Superette then go to The Styleinsider or watch out on Four Eyes as they will be giving one away soon too.










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