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Later in the year we are packing up as a family and going to the States for a month.  It will the first time we have gone away overseas as a family, ever. And it will probably be our last.  We have talked with the kids about it for years and we are doing all those things you do in the US of A on holiday. A bit of time in LA with Disneyland and Universal, then Legoland in San Diego, a week in Utah going to dinosaur museums and dig sites rounding out with a week in San Fran with family. We will be traveling for much of the time with my sister and her family, and I suddenly realized that luggage will have to be exceptionally tight as we simply won’t have room in the vehicle we have hired for masses of luggage.  Luckily this won’t be a problem for me. One of my super powers is I am a packing ninja.

I was thinking about this as I packed for iD later this week. It is funny how you need just about the same amount of luggage for a weekend away as you do for a month away.  The packing rules are the same really.  So I will impart some of my ninja wisdom and maybe it might help next time you pack a wardrobe of clothes into the back of your car for a weekend away…

Rule #1 – Always pack your favourite clothes.  The observation is that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, so don’t pack something that is at the bottom of the drawer.  It is there because you never take it out for a reason.  You don’t actually wear it.

Rule#2 – Be as multi functional about pieces as possible – take pants that can be worn under a dress if the need arises, tshirts that can be layered instead of just winter wool as the temperature may vary. Again – just take your favourite pieces. I have a fantastic wool wrap from Lela Jacobs that can be a scarf, or a wrap or even a blanket for on the plane if need be. I always take it with me when I travel. I have clutch from Georgia Alice which fits my laptop when I am working, but it is a fabulous clutch when I am out and about. Both of these things I am sure I will still be using in my dotage…

Rule #3 – roll instead of fold.  I luckily, have a lot of silk in my wardrobe and this rolls beautifully and doesn’t take up much room. Socks can fit inside shoes too… Anything by KOWTOW organic cotton rolls nicely too and washes like a dream.  I have washed a couple of pieces in hotel sinks and left them to dry and use the next day.  Needs must and all that…

Rule #4 – you are going to hate me for this, but limit your shoes.  I think if you can crack this you will have it made. Shoes take up most of the space, I try and limit it to 2-3 pairs.  For iD I am just taking two pairs  (I am only there for 3 days and 2 nights) – one pair that is great for walking during the day (my Palladiums) and a gorgeous pair of wedges for the evenings (I can walk in these too if need be).

Rule #5 – Keep your makeup et al to a minimum. I am lucky, I actually don’t use a lot of makeup, and I only have one palette of eye colour which does both day and also a night colourway, so I just take that, foundation, one day lip colour (Benefit Bene-tint in a purse size with a gloss added) and one evening lip colour (ALWAYS M.A.C.), concealer (M.A.C. prep and prime concealer) mascara (M.A.C.) and perfume (I’m wearing Costume National at the moment) – get it in a tester size if you are being really careful (space-wise). I always take my brushes…

Rule #6 – Toiletries come in trial sizes – take them instead of your full sized numbers. Murad have a range of starter packs to trial their products (it should last a month), and Sebastian have a large range of their products in travel sizes so you can make sure you get exactly what your hair needs. I am very fond of the Volupt Shampoo Conditioner and Spray as I have fine hair and they work wonders with my mop!

Rule #7 – Limit yourself. I have found this fantastic bag from CITTA which can be carry on, is a decent size, that I am actually going to use for my month away in the States. I am setting myself a tall order but I am pretty sure I can manage it. I am a ninja after all…

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2014-04-01 18.16.37


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  1. Wow, good job on the packing front! I couldn’t help but notice you aren’t packing powder or a powder brush. Do you find your makeup lasts all day without it? – Don’t know how you do it, espec travelling! The Citta bag is great! – And such great prices. xx

    • Good spotting! I never use powder actually – older skin just doesn’t like it. Also I tend to wear makeup lightly if possible. I do ALWAYS use a good primer (MAC Prep and Prime) though and find that helps keep everything in place. The Benefit WOW foundation has fantastic coverage and stays put. Am completely converted. The bag was the star of my weekend away to Dunedin. Fitted everything and my shopping in it…

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