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I am not usually one to get on board commercial holidays, but for reasons that are totally selfish, I am quite fond of Mother’s Day. What could possibly be wrong with a day totally dedicated to Mothers?  It is pretty much the one day in the year where I don’t do anything family chore related for the whole day. As a rule in our house, there are no presents.  I am perfectly happy with breakfast in bed (usually pancakes) and then a lazy day of reading and hanging with the family.  In a perfect world there would be no dishes, cooking, cleaning, and no laundry. I can always hope.  As my kids are all pretty much teenagers and beyond now, I am pretty sure they can manage. If a gift WAS to be forthcoming, there are plenty of places to choose beautiful things from.  I have ask five Mothers who all also own five of my favourite stores what they would like if a gift was to be bought by their respective families from their very own stores.  In my experience, these five women all have impeccable taste and fill their stores with beautiful objects that resonate with them…

Alex Fulton of AFD Store says  “For Mothers Day, I’m thinking fun and frivolous.  High end, an orange sheepskin bean bag (Wanaka Living’s Shaggy Bag for $1500)  Low end, a set of four AFD coasters at just $45 for 4.  Both are home with me already… Derrr.”


LW Shaggy Bag Russet


Meg from Teapea says “The one present I am personally hoping for this Mother’s Day, is a Pappelina Mat. Made in Sweden, I absolutely love these mats. They look stunning, feel amazing underfoot, are washable and non-slip. Perfect as runners, utility areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. The place I have in mind is inside our front and back doors. A very stylish solution to dealing with muddy paw prints and gumboots!”


The Carline z. Hurley Mint linen throw is that perfect piece of everyday indulgence for Mum according to Claudia from Father Rabbit. These versatile linen throws are at home as a table cloth, beach towel, couch throw, bed spread, wrap dress, kids fort or anything else you can think of!  Individually hand block printed with non-toxic arylic ink, pre-washed and ready to be loved by lucky mum’s…
LeeAnn Yare from Collected loves “the Uashmama tote bag in GOLD that looks like leather, but is actually made from paper tough enough to be washed and withstand the daily use of a busy Mum!  Perfect for daytime into night (not that have have much of a nightlife haha) it’s just the right amount of bling to wear with jeans or a gorgeous dress. Love it. $219 for the metallic colours.”
skitched-20140506-163605Erin O’Malley from Madder and Rouge LOVES the vintage Indian Lassi cups she stocks and is hoping some of them come home and live at her new home that she is just moving into. Hint, Hint to her children and her Husband… they are $49 for the small and $59 for the larger sizes

Finally I am going to put my two cents worth in.  I have already shared with Homestyle what I want for Mothers Day this year, but if I had to pick another gift it would be the Tallow Candles by Ontwerpduo available from Simon James Concept Store for just $43.  The range of colours is beautiful and subtle.  What is not to love. AND I would love the FujiFilm instal SHARE ($249) which prints out photos straight from your phone.  I am so tired of not having the photos I love of the children anywhere but on my phone…



Hope you all have a fabulous Mothers Day, and watch out on my FB and Instagram for all the giveaways this week… one for everyday and then I will draw them all on MotherDay.

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