winter of our discontent

I don’t REALLY mean discontent – it just sounded like a good title…

The last shoot I did for Homestyle had a great brief I had to create a winter library using colour. As I have said before, I am most definitely a Winter Girl.  When a cold snap hits, I happily pull out my coats and wraps from the closet when most people are complaining bitterly about the weather.  My favourite time of day is about 4pm when I walk around the house and pull all the curtains. Then I warm the house up with the heating, and try extra hard to convince my Husband to build a fire (which he usually does on the weekend ably assisted by our resident eleven year old pyromaniac).  It is the best part of winter for me – that  content feeling that all is well with the world within my own warm walls. So to try and recreate that with colour as the key was a bit of a gift assignment.

My philosophy is that you can make a “library” space anywhere. The yellow velvet chair in the shoot actually belongs to me, and sits in our bedroom in an unused corner with a stack of books and magazines next to it that doubles both as reading material and as somewhere to put my tea when I am reading. I have an old antique sari quilt to pop over my knees (I know, it’s a nana rug – but a gorgeous one) to make it feel like a space that is just mine. When we were in our old family home, I made a space in our small bedroom too, just somewhere I could get away when I needed a bit of headspace once the kids had gone to bed. Funny how we can create these spaces to be a bit of a “holiday for the mind”. My memories of raising toddlers is just a bit of a blur these days, and much as I loved them – my abiding memories are ones of exhaustion and ordered chaos. I am finding the teenage stage to not be as stressful as the books have made out. But then I have a few more years until the are out of that stage.  I may find myself returning to my library chair for a bit more escaping if I am not careful…

The full story of how I achieved the look is in the last issue of Homestyle.

The wall colour is Atlantic from Porters Paints, the wooden stool and yellow vase is from Freedom, the bronze lamp is from Flotsam and Jetsam, the vintage cushion is from Everyday Needs, the pink velvet cushion is from Madder and Rouge, the Moldavian rug is from Bob and Friends, the throw is from Father Rabbit, the ceramic vase is by Gidon Bing and is from Simon James…

Photography by Melanie Jenkins from Flash Studios






4 Comments on “winter of our discontent

  1. Welcome back Anya! You created such a cosy set up that you almost (almost) got me feeling sentimental about winter. Nope summer girl through and through here but I do still love to snuggle on a couch and have a read in the cooler months. I’ve been eyeing off that throw for a couple of months now. Mel x

  2. Ah well, I am a winter Girl through and through! I much prefer the layers of winter than the warmth of summer (crazy I know…) The Father Rabbit throw is just beautiful – you have a good eye Mel!

  3. Love this roomset and that chair is a gorgeous colour and looks comfy. I also love the portmerion totem tea set.

    • The chair is one of my absolute favorites! The City Velvet from Unique Fabrics is actually synthetic but feels like cotton velvet – but the colour won’t fade! The Portmeirion is part of my own collection…

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