rough luxe – erin omalley

We are right in the middle of trying to buy a beach place. I say this like it is a very pressing, immediate thing. But we appear to have been “right in the middle” of buying a beach place since we got back from the UK fourteen years ago. It is something we would love to do – achieve that quiet place that we can escape to on weekends. A massive indulgence now, but one that many of us grew up with (actually neither my Husband nor I did) – it is something we would love to share with the children as we are close to losing another one to university in a little over a year. We have always wanted to build a home, just once in our lifetime after being serial (but slow) renovators. There is something incredibly satisfying about building your own home, and I will continue to hold onto that dream, and thoroughly enjoy it when other people manage it well.

Erin OMalley and Darran Mangelsdorf of Madder and Rouge built such a dream home for themselves and their two children. Featured in the current issue of Homestyle, it was an incredible pleasure to shoot this and talk with Erin about her design philosophy. She is a very talented woman who has been helping people with their homes for nearly 20 years and knows a thing or two about creating a beautiful space. Much as I am comfortable in my own design skin, it is Erin I go to when I am unsure about my own design ideas. I trust her to make sure I don’t do anything stupid! So the current issue is full to the brim of her sage advice – especially on how to use colour – so go grab a copy before the new one comes out.

Erin and Darran have filled their barn space with all the many things they love – but especially textiles and painted colour. Erin is a great exponent of “rough luxe” as she calls it – rustic but with a luxurious edge. Lots of animal hides, Indian furniture sourced when she visited there, jewel coloured velvets and liberal use of Porters Paints. Here are some of my favourite shots taken by Chris Sisarich.

DSC_8031-1 DSC_7679_1-1 DSC_7703_1-1 DSC_7710_1-1 DSC_7767_1-1 DSC_7785-1 DSC_7789_1-1

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