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OK, so first off I have to say that my previous home is included in this splendid new book from Pilot/Interior Designer/Stylist/Writer LeeAnn Yare and photographer Larnie Nicolson.  So I am probably a little biased.  It is full of homes of some of my very talented friends as well (that may also blur my judgement somewhat). But the thing that really sells itfor me is the unabashed love of colour that just oozes from every page. I love anyone using colour well, and this is a whole book filled to the brim with it! The more colour we see used well, the more we feel encouraged to try colour in our own homes. It gives us a quiet confidence to try to add a bright colour, or paint a wall or buy a piece of interesting art. And this book is most certainly filled with confidence!

The book is split into sections filled with both visual and written ideas for all the areas of the house (even the laundry).  Nothing is left out and there is even a section at the end dedicated to palettes to inspire. With 240-odd pages – all cram packed with images – this is a book to pour over and re-visit as you will keep finding something new in it. The tagline of ROOMS TO LOVE is Style For Every Home – and they really do mean it!  With fabulous examples of coloured front doors, to children’s walls papered in comic books, to amazing storage ideas – this book as it all.  Many of them are not necessarily expensive – just cleverly thought out ideas that make good sense, and make a room work well. I love her advice about cushions – “There is only one rule with cushions, mix don’t match” – and that they are a quick way to refresh a room (she is right). There is section dedicated to the kitchen, with possibly the best piece of simple advice we should all adhere to – “You can never have too much storage”.  Amen.

The images are beautiful and bright – all shot by the lovely Larnie Nicolson.  I get to work with her from time to time and can attest to her wonderful manner, and the ease with which she takes her photographs.

Hopefully none of my sisters-in-law are reading this, or either my Mother or Mother-in-Law, or my eldest Daughter for that matter as they are all getting a copy for Christmas. They are getting a copy of this colourful, inspiration-filled book because it is so good.  And of course nothing to do with the fact that my old home is in it (on the back cover if you want to know)…

It may be worth noting that this book has already had its first reprint on the day of its actual release, so copies are obviously selling fast!

Rooms To Love Words by LeeAnn Yare and Photographs by Larnie Nicolson.  It is published by Penguin and it retails for $65.  Buy yourself a copy from Collected. If you would like to win a copy though, please comment or share on Facebook or Instagram (or below). Winner will be drawn on 1st November.

Postscript – the winner of the book is Megan Fiebig – please email me with your details!

All images reproduced with permission from Rooms to Love by LeeAnn Yare and Larnie Nicolson. Copyright © text LeeAnn Yare, 2014. Copyright © photographs Larnie Nicolson, 2014









2 Comments on “rooms to love

  1. I need this book in my life! I love LeAnne Yare and Larnie Nicolson and your stylish rooms Anya. How you both use colour is inspirational, refreshing and always makes me smile 🙂 Please check out my pinterest board for my collection of ideas for my own home. I have your old kitchen as one of my favorites! Thank you for bringing colour to my world.

    • Thanks for the lovely words! I do have very fond memories of that dining room/kitchen. And good luck with winning the book 🙂

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