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It would be fair to say that often the trickiest part of my job is explaining to clients how something is going to look when it is finished. Some of us are wired to see how things are going to look and some of us are not.  Don’t try to talk to me in measurements, and I do struggle with extrapolating out plans into the real three dimensional deal at times, because my brain is just not naturally wired that way.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses. But it appears there is some very real help put there for those of us challenged in the visual and/or the practical.  I thought it was worth mentioning at least three of the best out there at the moment.

Wandering through a furniture store and trying to imagine a piece that looks brilliant in its staged set inshore, back into our own homes, with our own pieces can be a struggle.  Freedom Furniture have found a way round this with their new Freedom app. With a sort of ‘virtual showroom’ feature – you can download the free app, choose the piece that you would like to see in your space, place a marker where you want the piece to sit (and point your device at the marker), then re-position the piece to sit exactly right. Et viola! You can even view it from different angles to make sure it is the perfect fit. Now if only they did that with clothes… please excuse the image – my iPad mini is not the best with taking photographs…

Freedom furniture

Another helpful app is the Dulux Colour – Explore, Collect & Visualise. It does all of those things as well as having a fabulous selection of their colour swatches to look at as well as at present, all the new Future Tribes colour forecast for you to look at.  My favourite is the The Retro Visionaries with all it’s fabulous bright colour. You can put the colours into homes both exterior and interior and it will help you visualise how things are going to look. Download from the App Store.  Again, it is free.


RESENE – that fabulous New Zealand based paint company have actually had all sorts of clever tricks for you to use for quite a long time. They have had a downloadable programme since 2000 which has been upgraded recently so now you can work with the EzyPaint which paints your whole room/house/building in whatever colourway of RESENE’s that strikes your fancy. They also have the iSwatch app which has the entire RESENE colour catalogue at your finger tips.  Literally. They also have the colourmatch app which means if you fall in love with a dusky pink cushion and want to paint your entire kitchen that colour – the app works out the closest RESENE colour to it.

skitched-20140915-114739 skitched-20140915-114811 skitched-20140915-114919


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