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You would have to be living under a cold, hard (colorless) rock to not know who the wonderful Alex Fulton is – she is a Colour Guru, Store Owner and general all round Good Egg. Here is a bit about one of her many projects  – one that is very close to her heart…

Can you tell us a bit about your approach to colour to start off with?

I seem to have a brain that is happy to store colours and combinations of colour and can easily access them to be able to apply them to projects I’m doing. I get colour clues from everywhere – nature, the internet, a jacket casually town over a chair – it all goes into my brain’s mega colour computer and is stored until needed. Unfortunately the mega computer is only programmed for colour and not for logarithms or quantum physics. It took me a while to realise this and when I did I changed my tactic for wanting to be a doctor to being an interior design with a PHD in colour.

I know it is not the easiest of questions to answer, but how did Abi’s Dots come about?

Abi is my 12 year old god-daughter who who was killed last May along with two other of my friends (Sally and her daughter Ella, Abi’s best friend) in a car accident. The dots came about when I was asked to be the ‘design director’ of Abi’s funeral by her parents and my dear friends, Lucy and Trevor. I gladly said yes and immediately dreamed up a way that we could decorate her coffin so that it reflected Abi’s colourful and bubbly personality. KM2 Creative patiently listened to my mad-cap idea and donated 1000’s of dots in Abi’s favourite 6 colours. We used these to cover a simple and stylish plywood coffin that I painted in white (Dulux Half Mt Aspiring to be exact!). There was never going to anything ordinary for our wee girl. The dots where then applied in a very organised random way and close family and friends would come and place a dot too – under my very virgo, control freak eye. We also had many dots left over which we were able to put on all the guests lapels, and there we’re thousands of guests. After the funeral people started to put them on theirs cars, walls and mobile phones. People started asking where they could get more which sparked the idea of selling them with all the proceeds going to the Make a Wish foundation.

You had some great people work with you on too…

It’s humbling when something like this happens and some amazing support just comes without a second thought. The girls at KM2 Creative were and are a dream at supplying and keeping up with stock demands. Grace at Dulux in Christchurch supplied all the paint and even brushes, drop sheets and trays.

This project isn’t just about the dots themselves?

No, they most certainly are not. I’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s stories about what these small circles of colour represent. As I said we lost three friends that day and even though they are called Abi’s Dots they represent three dynamic and treasured lives. They also represent life, love, hope and resilience. All things that loosing precious lives gives us. We call it ‘connecting the dots’ because these small symbols are uniting young and old with creativity and love. Who knew. Instagram seems to be the best platform to see these in full flight – search #abisdots

How can people get them?

They can get them buy emailing us at the AFD Store (based in Blenheim) and we can send them out to you. You can also get them in store here or at Sumner Coffee Culture in Christchurch. They are $38 for a pack of 90 dots (6 sheets of 15 dots in the 6 different colours). $12 from each sale goes to the Make a Wish Foundation and we have already donated over $5000. Instagram seems to be the best platform to see it #abisdots Email the AFD Store at and they will sort you out…

And just as an aside, what are your favourite DULUX colours right now?

Well! I’m glad you asked as Dulux has just launched their new colour trends for 2015 – their are 4 palettes which will satisfy anyone’s love of colour. They are inspired by our need to connect with nature and the earth as well as our desire to take time out or reconnect with a time when creativity was king. My favourites would have to be the muddy orange Dulux Ohakune, mid green Dulux Shotover St, the dusty pink Dulux Whitianga and my favourite grey white Dulux St Clair half.





DUL 14722 Colour Swatches - Abi_s Dots_FINAL_Text

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    • She is a remarkable Human is our Alex 🙂 – quite remarkable! That reminds me, I need to go put dots on my wee car…

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