so come and see my garden…

After nearly four years of work on our Grand Old Dame, our 150 year old house is finally finished(well it will be by 5pm on Friday 13th at this rate!) with all her renovations. I try not to think about how long it has been – but now that it is all (pretty much) finished, all the hard work really does seem worth it.

I have just been sitting out in our front garden, with Madeleine and our small new puppy Ludo. It is currently my favourite thing to do, just sit on the garden bench and look back at the house now that it is finished. When we bought it I knew that I could do something special with it – but even I didn’t imagine it would look this good all finished.  It is easy to get lost in a renovation on all the small detail, and after so long just looking at small detail, it is pretty magic to see the whole picture.

So anyway, the gardens are being included in the Auckland Garden Design Fest (organised by the Garden Design Society of New Zealand) which happens this coming weekend 14 and 15 November.  Tickets are $65 to see 20 private gardens in and around Auckland and in turn you are helping the Rotary Club support the Garden to Table Trust, Ronald MacDonald House and various other charities too.  You also get tot see the work of some of New Zealand’s leading garden professionals.  We were lucky enough to have Xanthe White work on our garden!

We will be running a cafe in the back of our garden with lots of organic goodies too – the lovely people at Jardin have lent us some tables and chairs, and there will be Nice Blocks AND Karma Cola too…

I have two double passes to give away – so comment here, or like on Facebook or Instagram and I will draw a winner Monday 9th November 8pm in the evening!  Simple as that.

If you would like to buy tickets and support these great charities the head here.

PS This photograph is actually from before the exterior renovations started nearly 11 months ago… it looks a lot different now…


7 Comments on “so come and see my garden…

  1. congratulations on completing Anya, I remember feeling a huge sense of relief when ours was finally all over. I bet the gardens are looking amazing at this time of year too, glad to hear you can sit back and enjoy it all finally!

    • Thanks so much Claire – that reminds me I need to come and see you all finished! You will totally get the impending sense of relief!

      • Absolutely, and Michelle too, just let me know when it suits and we can tee it up!

  2. Oh my, so excited for you!! Looking forward to seeing it when I am next back in the neighbourhood!

    • Cant quite believe it myself – you won’t recognise it! Am very happy 🙂 Be lovely to see your smiling face too!

  3. Very excited for you Anya. Please tell me what are those stunning flowers? Am i likely to kill them or are they easy to for this fool to grow? H:)

    • I have no idea – I will have to ask Xanthe! They are easy to grow – they die down in the winter and come back with a vengeance in the summer – late November/December

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