about anya

Not always the easiest thing to do, talk about yourself – but here goes.  I am mother and stepmother of four, wife of one, lover of wearing black and of living in colour.  I have an unhealthy obsession with young adult fantasy novels, and science fiction films. I like to think of myself as a reasonably well dressed geek…

I started the website because I wanted to make sure the voices on the web continue to be varied. Age should bring wisdom (I hope) and not irrelevance. I have a great love of New Zealand fashion (especially the more deconstructed black version), and fashion in general.  If you want to see more on that, you can find my other site beautiful black here. But on beautifulbedlam I indulge my love of colour and texture and all things design that catch my eye while I work as an interior designer, stylist and writer.

I also strongly believe that fashion and design should be as democratic as possible – so I like to include a good cross section of things from budget to designer… without resorting to copies.

My Husband once said to me that Bedlam (my company name) was the perfect name as it was a true reflection of my working and home life.  It all gets a bit easier as your children grow up so now beautiful bedlam is more appropriate!


about madz

It is exceptionally handy to have a 16 year-old with a strong sense of her own style resident in your own home.  Madeleine (in no particular order) loves Ruby Frost, yarn bombing, her vintage BMX, live music, vintage shopping and her large collection of Doc Martens.  When the mood takes her (and she isn’t knitting, biking or op shopping) she may give us her brief opinion on all the things she loves. This probably won’t happen very often as she has now flown the coop and has started a blog of her own.  You can find her here for her Instagram Facebook and blog (allinarow.co.nz)


about michelle

Interior Designer by day and photographer/blogger by night, I consider myself fortunate to be able to pursue my many passions in my day-to-day.  Whether it be interiors, photography, fashion, painting, shoes, wine or coffee, I get to enjoy at least one of these (and preferably in quick succession) on a daily basis.  I look at my life as a work in progress and every opportunity to attend an event or showing, a chance to see something new, or push myself at bit with something new – is an opportunity I will take!  If it is quirky, witty and a bit unexpected (and I can photograph it), all the better! If you want to see what else I get up to, and my musings on all things interior, try me at studio weir.com