curio noir – tobacco nights

At my last birthday I received 4 beautiful candles.  All my friends know how much I love them.  There is something quite decadent about a glorious scented candle, and it is one of those things I just can’t do without.

I light one most nights, either while I am watching TV or working in the evenings when the house is quiet. If there is a big clean up to be done in the kitchen, I will light one to help make the task more palatable.  I know of someone who does her dishes every evening to the glow of a scented candle (with the main lights off), which makes her feel like the (boring) task is a bit special. I have said it before, that everything looks better by candlelight, and at my age, I am grateful for every advantage!

Curio Noir are adding another candle to their Curio Glass range and I am adding another candle to my collection. Tobacco Nights is a heavier, more masculine scent. It carries lovely notes of sage, coriander, elemi, amber (my favourite), musk and dried tobacco leaves.  It lingers long after the candle has been blown out and makes you think of pipe smokers, old leather chesterfields and book filled libraries. Even though it has a more masculine scent, it is by far my favourite.  But then I love those deeper, amber tones in the candle.

I love the attention to detail with each and every candle.  The glassware is hand made here in New Zealand, with each one being unique in it’s own right.  I love the Curio Noir stamp each one is finished with.  Then each candle is hand poured by Tiffany Jeans.  She handles each and every candle – and it is that authenticity that is part of its beauty.  And when you have finished the candle – you have a gorgeous vase to use.

Curio Noir is available at Simon James Concept Store The Department Store in Takapuna, Crane Brothers in Auckland and Wellington, Miss Crabb in Ponsonby, Deadset in Christchurch, Graham Thompson Antiques in Parnell, and in Australia at Incu in Sydney and Melbourne, Husk in Melbourne.

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