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Mr Bigglesworthy is the very amiable, and talented Dan and Emma Eagle.  I asked Emma a bit about their new Spring 2012 Object Collection that they launched this week.

Mr. Bigglesworthy is known for selling beautiful mid-century furniture. What has inspired your sudden influx of fabulous smaller objects?
Furniture is definitely an important expression of the modernist aesthetic, but we wanted to complete our picture of interior design. We looked for objects that complement the clean modernist lines and a collection that is relevant to a contemporary interior. It’s a continuation of what we started in furniture, with timeless, collectible and rare objects. How we present our store is a good representation of how Dan and I like to style our own spaces and each object would easily work with our own home. That was a pretty good filter to start with.

What is it about the Mr. Bigglesworthy ‘story’ that makes your brand so unique?
If it’s down to one key component that’s unique I’d say it’s curatorship. Since Dan and I choose everything together and each item we find is unique, each purchase means we need to cast our eye forward to what that piece might be like. We look at how it might be used, and how it can sit with our other pieces. We’re also listening to the current of conversation from fashion and influential voices to hear what are the incoming trends are, and we consider our response to that.

Who is your favorite designer and why?
From our latest designer object collection, I’d have to say Cari Zalloni. Who could look past those beyond-vibrant glazes? There is not much to read about Zalloni, (and trust me, we have looked everywhere) but you can tell a lot about a designer through their creations. Cari Zalloni’s pieces fit with Mr. Bigglesworthy’s love of simple forms, graphic shapes and bright colour. He probably would have been the kind of guy you’d have a good night out with too.

Which is the piece you’d love to keep?
All of them! But if I had to choose… We constantly seeing the ‘print on print’ thing happening out there. (Love!) An up and coming international designer we like is doing it really well, Mary Katrantzou. I’m big a fan of texture and mixing prints so the obvious choice would be the tall Tenera Range vase by Berte Jessen for Royal Copenhagen. Gorgeous!

I seriously think I have to agree with Emma that the Zalloni pieces are just incredible.  In fact I may have to see if the lamp and vase are still available… To see the full collection, go to mrbigglesworthy.co.nz or visit them at their gallery at 40 George St, Mt Eden.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces…

Carstens Floor Vase

Marianne Starck for Michael Anderson Tile with Vase

BMF Nagel Candlestick Holders

Cari Zalloni Desk Lamp

Cari Zalloni Desk Lamp and Vases

1950’s Fruit Poster

American Airlines Poster

American Airlines Poster – Detail




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  1. U have great taste Anya – I googled u after reading a Your Home and Garden 2010 issue. This is what I found! I’ll be following u!

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