number one shoes autumn 2013

I will start this post with an apology.  This event actually happened a while ago but I haven’t been feeling even vaguely like I could post about all things autumn, let alone winter. I love winter and basically wait til the pleasant weather is over and then I can get back to wearing boots.  I would wear boots all summer if I felt like it was vaguely practical/feasible…

But now that there is a tiny hint of precipitation, it is getting vaguely cooler in the evenings and daylight savings is nearly upon us, I feel reasonably safe talking about winter footwear.

Number One Shoes decided to ‘kick’ off (see what I did there?) the new Autumn Collection by having a runway show with a difference. After all the media were seated, the show started (styled by Chris Lorimer) with the five shoe selections – Texas Trail, Sports Luxe, Military Precision, Tough Love and Opulence. But then as the show finished, the girls walked straight off the catwalk, and instead of going backstage they went down onto the street to the waiting crowds of women… who got to take the catwalk samples home with them! It was just a great event that just made everyone feel good! It is what happens when a great company and an excellent PR agency (in this case Starseed) come together in a great meeting of the minds.

Before I list my favourites, can I just say that Number One Shoes seem to really be lifting the bar for themselves with their shoes looking sharper, more on trend and generally great value. Here is my list of ones to watch out for, that may of course be slightly gothically influenced…

Audra Boot gold $69-99, January 2013

Audra Boot in Gold $69 and currently in store


Madisyn Boot black $69-99, February 2013

Madisyn Boot in black $69 and currently in store


Nicaboca Boot black $59-99, March 2013

Nicaboca Boot in black $59 and currently in store


Ohara Ballet black $34-99, September 2012

Ohara Ballet Flat in black $34 and currently in store

Penelope Boot black $69-99, January 2013

Penelope Boot in black $69 currently in store


Quinn Boot black $69-99, February 2013

Quinn Boot in black $69 currently in store




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