a few of my favourite things…

I like to have nice neat posts.  I like each thing I feature to fit nicely with its fellow post-ees. But sometimes I just want to make a list of the things that I love.  There isn’t really any rhyme or reason – and no neat way of putting them together with a cute title. So these just happen to be the things I use pretty much everyday. Or look at, or wear.

While I am talking about things I love – I have been thinking lately about being quite plain in my posts about whether I am writing about something I have been gifted, (as happens when companys give me something, or PR’s let me trial something) as opposed to what I have bought myself.  My rule with featuring ANYTHING is to include things I would love to own, or do already own. So unless otherwise said, assume the piece being featured has been acquired by me, or I will mention if it has been gifted.  This isn’t to show off (Look what I got!) but rather to be about being transparent – maybe it lends a truthfulness to what I write…   So, these are the things that I love…

Georgia Alice clutch

This calf hide clutch by Georgia Alice is pretty much my favourite thing from this winter. At Wellington Fashion Week I couldn’t walk more than five paces without someone asking me who made it and where could they get one. I could have sold 50 of them… at $145 it is a reasonable price to pay for a handmade, New Zealand designed, clever clutch.  It wraps up to be clutch size, or can easily fit an iPad or small Mac laptop. And it is a great hand warmer as well…

I am a complete OPI gel nail convert.  This is because I am completely lazy and hate broken raggedy nails. With OPI gel nails they always look great.  I had these done at Finishing Touch in Wellington.  I rang them when I landed in Wellington and they fitted me in 20 minutes later.  They were incredibly helpful and did a great job. And my nails looked great the whole week.  The other great colours are Malaga Wine and they have a great French Blue as well.


My lovely friend Megan went to Sydney a few weeks ago and went to the Marimekko Store there. I may also have encouraged her to buy me a few things, so she came back with this beautiful cushion and an umbrella for The Daughter.  Marimekko is opening in Osbourne St, Newmarket inside the Bolt Of Cloth Store opening there soon. Marimekko, sigh…




This is the only watch I own.  From I Love Ugly it is a simple watch that works like jewelry for me – I am not much of a blingy person aside from my obsession with sequins. ILU have just released their new watches in a different colour range – and fabulous though they are, I still love mine.  I was given this one, but I have already bought two as gifts for others. The new ones are $110 and available from ILY and their stockists.


Weird though it may seem (for someone who has a blog), I don’t like having my photograph taken. But I am aware that I as a lover of New Zealand made clothing of a deconstructed nature, I talk the talk (wear them, own them), then I should occasionally let myself be photographed in them! Just so you know that when I say I love something, I often go out and buy it. This is my favourite piece by Jimmy D and I have worn it pretty much non stop since I got it. I love the movement of the loose left sleeve, with the fitted right sleeve.  I love asymmetric things.  Sigh.  This is the Nowhere Top from Jimmy D and is available from Children of Vision.


The other things that I really haven’t taken off at all are these Palladium Baggies in Black. They are simply the most comfortable pair of shoes I own at present.  I like to dress them up (with sequined pants) and dress them down (with a big jumper on the weekends). I can’t quite work out what is not to love – they are $179 and super comfortable.  I had a pair of the standard Palladiums, but these may have been pilfered by my Teenage Son. But I luckily got given a new pair when the Platypus Stores opened in St Lukes and Queen St. Can’t complain… I may of course be wearing my Palladiums with my Nowhere Top from Children of Vision. Again…


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2 Comments on “a few of my favourite things…

  1. I really love the rug that you have with the Marimekko cushion, where did you find it? Looking forward to your shopping on a shoestring post 🙂

    • That rug is just gorgeous isn’t it? It is from Zoo Warehouse in Ponsonby Central. It retails at $700 so is something to save for! Yes the Shoestring post is coming soon…

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