madz lovez – parachute here i come

Here are nine things to remember for Parachute (or any other festival for that matter) and my picks for music to look out for (basically just my favourites really…)

SUNBLOCK – I cannot say how important it is to have good sunblock not only so you not get burnt but also so you don’t look like an idiot with a bright red face with sunglasses line. Not just not pretty!


RAINCOAT – This seems to happen almost every year with a rain storm pouring down out of nowhere, so get a real raincoat, not a plastic bag because you never know when it could pour down with rain (and we know it is going to be raining on both Sunday and Monday). So I’m total taking a camo rain cape that I got from Army Surplus…


SHOES – shoes that look good and are comfortable because standing around and being in a mosh pit can be hard on shoes and feet. That’s where my doc martins come in handy 🙂 See above…

GUMBOOTS – I know its seem unnecessary but if rains it may rain hard and it will get swampy and you will wish you bought your gummys… I will have my DM waterproof boots which I think are on sale at Platypus at the moment.  They come in tartan, black, purple and red.


CLOTHING (always important to have) its going to be HOT so light clothes, shorts maybe a nice t shirt please no crop tops (sorry, hardly anyone looks good in them,). The weather could turn bad (its happened before) so warm,ing dry clothes but it can also get cold at night so best to bring a jumper too. I will be walking listening to the music and look for people to take photos of and put up here (on my festival style post)so look out for me.

PHONE/CAMERA – A phone for finding people and a camera for documenting the weekend. Just be careful not to lose them and bring a lock for your bag so nothing can get taken.

MONEY – There is a village full of food, things, clothes and more things so money will be good for buying lunch and dinner and if you forget a toothbrush you will be able to buy another one and anything else you may forget. You will be able to use the Parachute Tag again this year, topping up your wristband with credit to buy everything from lunch to your favourite band tee 🙂

MUSIC There is a great line up this year for all different music-loving people. My favourites are listed below…

FUN! Just have fun. Have a good time with friends and family and just have a blast and I will see you there.

I’m not much of a writer (I prefer Instagram to be honest), but here are the bands/artists I am looking forward to this weekend at Parachute Music Festival!  Can’t wait!

You can see what I am up to on Instagram @maddiebrighouse

Ruby frost

I have been a fan of Ruby frost since I first saw her play at my first Parachute about 4 years ago. She has done so many things since then and I’m so look forward to seeing her play again. She is still my favourite and I LOVE her style too.

Ruby Frost Image 1


I have never seen Gungor before but I fell in love with their song “beautiful things”!

Paper Route

I’m in love with their music and I love finding new music and for them to be a parachute is just fantastic.

Paper Route image 1

Ginny Blackmore

I love her amazing songs “Bones’” and “SFM” I’m just so looking forward to see her live! It will be amazing.



This is a band that I’ve been waiting to see! They have such interesting and captivating music, where dreams and words and music meet and I’m so happy to know that they will be at Parachute! With my favorite song “Wooden Heart”

Benny Tipene

After being on X factor (I’m sorry but I didn’t really watch it) but I’m looking forward to see him play after hearing his two singles.

Tiger town

Tiger Town are just so magical and fun. Looking forward to hearing them play again.

Late 80s Mercedes

Their mix of pop/funk and happy vibe makes for a great live show and like many others I’m stoked to see them again. They will also so be playing at the Opshop Ball on Friday so get to an opshop fast to find the biggest Pretty In Pink ballgown you can!

Edge Kingsland

AAAAARRRRRR!!!!! Edge Kingsland is this amazing church up in Auckland, whose worship is just beautiful and they are at the top of my list to see (I’m a bit biased for Edge Kingsland is my church and I love it and every one there to death)

South Auckland Poets Collective – Dietrich Soakai

I’ve heard spoken word by the poet Dietrich Soakai and I was greatly moved. To hear that he would be performing made me ecstatic but not only will he be there but also 13 others, just imagine the force of 14 poets if one can move me then 14 could move the world!

If I am lucky I will get some time to do some festival style posts as well for all three days, so keep an eye out for me!




2 Comments on “madz lovez – parachute here i come

  1. No way! I knew your blog from your fashion week posts but I had no idea you go to parachute too! Woohoo!

    • Come say hi to either of us! You cant miss me I have white hair at the moment, and Mum will be wearing something inapproriate for camping (black and flowing) I’m sure! Madz

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