parachute – day one 2014

Hot.  It is HOT! It is too-hot-to-think-sun-beating-down on you hot! It is so hot and sunny that I am almost looking forward to the rain on Sunday (I’m not really).  Everyone was in a great moody (some people were still in a loud good mood at 2am this morning!) and the festival is at its usual best.

We have found some great style shots, and we (my photographer Toby Lyons) got some great shots of Ruby Frost and Devil Wears Prada to round the night off. Both were fantastic, as was Late 80’s Mercedes in the Palladium. We finished the night listening to Half Noise who are playing again later in the weekend.

All photographs by Toby Lyons


Renee Kennedy with the beautiful pink hair got her pink dress from some shop in Aussie. Vanessa was in a gorgeous red Riddled Me This Dress.


Jayde with the amazing sunnies and hat that were both from an art deco vintage shop down in Napier. Ivona Little in great short from Glassons and a floral top from Topshop.


Cara Smith with the fantastic monochrome pantsuit from an opshop and a hat that was passed down by an Aunt.


Rosy Keane in the striped dress from RAGE and great pair of yellow DMs and glasses from ASOS, and I especially loved the canteen she got from a vintage shop.



The very gorgeous Ruby Frost performing on Mainstage



Devil Wears Prada


Luke Thompson

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