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I think that my obsession with blue is probably one of my longest running of all my interior obsessions. It started when I was about ten years old when I found some old Victorian blue glass bottles when I was digging in an old abandoned dump.  I was living in Wales then, and the local green area where we used to play (I have no idea whether it was private property or not) we used to find old bottles and shards of broken pottery. I didn’t know what they were except I loved them. So, much as my obsession with colour fullstop will never abate, I am exceptionally fond of a simple blue and white palette. Here are some of my favourite things at the moment and interestingly some of them are blue, some blue and white and some are blue and white china…

This is a print from K Mart.  I thought it would be nice to start with something cost efficient and fabulous.  The print is only $15 and available from K Mart nationwide.



These beautiful Kihara-Kimon Plates come either in a set of five for $130 or individually for $27. These beautiful Japanese ceramics can be bought from the thoughtfully curated AnAstuteAssembly


MOR Modern Apothecary have a beautiful range of gift packs for Christmas already coming through, so for those of us weird people who start putting gifts away now (yes that is me – painfully organized where Christmas is concerned!) – these might just be up your alley.  Accented in rose gold, they come all boxed up – this one is Blood Orange Hand Lotion and also Body Wash. Just to fonosh it off, to has the Blood Orange Fragrant Candle as well.  The case it comes in, is of course a gorgeous cosmetic case in a deep  midnight blue. It retails for $59.99. If you play your cards right there is a Midnight Blue Travel Tote that is a Gift With Purchase.  Find out more at The fabric is from James Dunlop and is part of the Bluebell Grey collection.


The beautiful Tio Chair from Goldsworthy Studio is being re-issued in an all oak finish. They are covered in five different SIXHANDS  (ICON Textiles for New Zealand contacts) fabrics each with “wildly different characteristics and demonstrate the versatility of the chair”.  Only twenty are being made in each. They are just beautiful – with a sleek modern feel – and the fabrics are just gorgeous!


Curio Noir is my number one candle obsession.  With their beautiful hand made glass vessels, hand poured waxes beautifully perfumed – this is one brand that I don’t skimp on. I pretty much have one of every candle Curio Noir’s Tiffany Jean has ever made.  Lucky me.  They have just re-released Feather My Tears in its amazing blue glass. Available online at and also at Miss Crabb and Simon James Concept Store in Herne Bay.




Zana Lokmer is a jeweller and a painter who appears to be as inspired by blue and white as I am.  Her paintings and ceramics are stocked at Small Acorns in Wellington.  That store is always worth a very long browse whenever I am lucky enough to be visiting Wellington! This image is from Zana’s instagram – I may have borrowed it from her 😉



I am just in love with oil cloth fabric at the moment. I find it so practical – wipeable fabric – how fantastic!  I am about to cover an old 70’s kitchen chair in oil cloth, a fun variation on vinyl.  But I will be using this happy fabric on my outdoor table which has definitely seen better days.  There is no budget for a new table this year but the surface has definitely seen better days so I have bought a length of this fabric from Madder and Rouge and I just cover the table every time I want to use it.  It visually looks a bit better and I feel like it is slightly more hygienic than the current one as it has big crack in it! At just $39 a metre, it is definitely a more cost efficient way than replacing the whole table.

2014-10-22 14.22.50-2

This is my last post on Beautiful Bedlam for this year.  I think you have much more exciting things to do over the next little while than read what I am thinking at any given moment. I think you would be better served eating and giving gifts at Christmas and enjoying your family.  I will be having Christmas at home then heading up to Point Wells for a few weeks living in our container base with lots of tents while we hang out and swim a lot. If I get myself organized, I might take a few photos of it for you.

Have a wonderful break and I will see you in the middle of January maybe.  Love to you all.


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    • And to you Janine! I need to come and see your finished project in the new year. I hear it is rather splendid!

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